Two Knee Replacements, One Surgeon

Leroy Moore of Tulsa recommends Dr. LaButti after his two successful knee replacements.

By: Joshua Danker-Dake | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: April 2013

Leroy and his wife, Enyd.

Leroy and his wife, Enyd.

Leroy Moore, of Tulsa, had both knees replaced with Dr. Ronald LaButti. “I had cartilage removed from my left knee in 1969 and had the same ­operation on the right knee in 1983,” Leroy says. “By the mid-1990s, I was having pain in both knees, but I kept putting surgery off, mainly because I was living alone and would have no one to help me get around afterward.”

    Leroy spent 32 years as an industrial engineer for Western Electric Manufacturing (which later became AT&T Manufacturing), working in Oklahoma City, Dallas, and Burlington, North Carolina. Leroy’s hobbies included golf, fishing and photography, and so when he retired there in 1991, he worked as a golf course starter and in the pro shop. In 2002, he moved back to Oklahoma City to be near ­family.

    In 2009, Leroy moved to Town Village Retirement Community in Tulsa. “I lived by myself for 25 years after I lost my wife,” Leroy says. “I came to Tulsa to be near my daughter. I met a lovely lady, Enyd, and we got engaged in 2010 and were married in 2011, at the age of 80. While we were engaged, I decided to have my right knee replaced because I was having trouble walking. Dr. LaButti had visited Town Village and was helping with the exercise program there, so I went to see him.” Dr. LaButti performed the operation in January of 2011.

    “When Dr. LaButti ­examined me for the first ­surgery, he said that since my legs were bowed, the right leg would be just a little longer than the other leg after the operation because it would be straight, which would make the wear on the left knee more severe,” Leroy says. “And he was correct – it wore down in one year.”

    Dr. LaButti replaced Leroy’s left knee in January 2013. “My legs had been bowed and my ­cartilage was gone – I was ­bone-on-bone and had side wear in the left knee, so I decided to have it done, and it went extremely well,” Leroy says. “I went from the walker to a cane in a week, and in five-and-a-half weeks I had given up the cane. I had ­

in-house therapy three days a week for six weeks, which as a big help on my road to recovery, and I never had to take any pain pills for either operation. I’m walking without a limp, and the therapist said I was about four weeks ahead of schedule in my recovery.”

    All things considered, Leroy’s experience with Dr. LaButti was extremely positive, he says. “I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. LaButti. If I were ever to need to have my hips done, I would go back to him. And he does his surgery at Oklahoma Surgical Hospital, which is a wonderful hospital – the staff was wonderful each time I stayed there.”

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