­Turn Back the Hands of Time

BA Med Spa & Weight Loss Center introduces the "Hand Lift."

By: Lorrie Ward | Category: Other | Issue: August 2013

Malissa Spacek, founder,  BA Med Spa & Weight Loss Center.

Malissa Spacek, founder, BA Med Spa & Weight Loss Center.

It is common for people to develop noticeable sun damage on their hands as they age, and veins and tendons become more apparent as hands lose volume and firmness over the years. If you're uncomfortable with the way your hands look, BA Med Spa & Weight Loss Center offers a solution with the ­introduction of the "Hand Lift."  

     “Nothing is more telling of a woman’s age than her hands, and they age sooner due to only being protected by a very thin, delicate layer of skin as well as constant sun exposure and other ­environmental elements,” says Malissa Spacek of BA Med Spa & Weight Loss Center. “At BA Med Spa, we have developed a very comprehensive treatment plan that consists of a ­multi-pronged approach.”

    The BA Med Spa Hand Lift is for a patient who has sun damage or volume loss or both. According to Dr. James Campbell, "Initially when the patient comes in we will assess the hands and develop a treatment plan that can be done that day or on a second appointment if need be. After the assessment the hands can be numbed ­topically. Typically the protocol is to start with an IPL (intense pulse light) on the back of the hands to treat hyperpigmentation and any superficial vascularity issues. Next, dermal fillers will be administered by cannula to correct volume loss, and finally, the hands will receive a pixel treatment to stimulate ­collagen and thicken the skin. The results are excellent and will last for years with ­regular maintenance every one to two years.”

    The BA Med Spa Hand Lift is a recent addition to the menu at BA Med Spa, and positive results are already being ­reported. “I was very ­embarrassed about the backs of my hands – they appeared to belong to someone much older than me,” one patient relates. “I had no idea I could actually do something about it; even though there are tons of creams and ­other products, they didn’t help much. It was as if they were too little, too late.” The patient ­visited BA Med Spa and after her free initial consultation, decided to undergo the BA Med Spa Hand Lift. “I can’t believe how great my hands look now,” she says. “The difference is night and day.”

    BA Med Spa & Weight Loss Center is dedicated to ­helping people look and feel their best. Several cosmetic ­services are offered, including the BA Med Spa Hand Lift, Latisse (for eyelashes), ­permanent cosmetics, ­injectables, cosmetic peels, and laser hair removal. The ­foundation of the center is ­assisting people in reaching their optimum, healthy weight by ­helping them change their eating and exercise habits and, if ­needed, by adding hormone replacement therapy. All ­procedures are performed by BA Med Spa & Weight Loss Center’s highly trained staff and are medically supervised. Staff members include Monica Stubblefield, R.N., and Amy Golden, B.S.N. Call today to find out more and schedule your appointment to turn back the hands of time.

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