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Tulsa Boys’ Home Promotes Public Awareness

Tulsa Boys’ Home now offers one-hour tours of its beautiful campus to help spread awareness of their mission to provide young boys with treatment and support.

By: Kyle Johnston | Category: In Our Communities | Issue: September 2015

Horses are utilized as a dynamic part of the healing process through the Tulsa Boys’ Home Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) Program.

Horses are utilized as a dynamic part of the healing process through the Tulsa Boys’ Home Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) Program.

Since 1918, Tulsa Boys’ Home has been helping heal Oklahoma’s young boys dealing with abuse, neglect, and drug addiction. They have recently initiated a new public awareness campaign to show anyone and everyone just how their mission is delivered. They’re called Hope Tours, and Tulsa Boys’ Home wants you to be at the next one!

“A Hope Tour is not so much a tour of our beautiful campus as it is of our mission, and the hope that we are providing our boys with our treatment, love and support,” Executive Director Gregg Conway said.

Each Hope Tour is exactly one hour, and focuses on the three major aspects of the Tulsa Boys’ Home residential treatment program. “It’s one thing to tell about the work we do at Tulsa Boys’ Home,” Conway said. “It’s something else entirely to have a firsthand look at what we do.”

The Hope Tour initiative, designed to showcase the Tulsa Boys’ Home mission, is the culmination of input from TBH staff, board members, and volunteers. The initiative came from the desire to highlight the program at Tulsa Boys’ Home to as many people as possible in Tulsa area communities.

Tulsa Boys’ Home has benefited from community support since the very beginning. In 1918, TBH was founded by the Rotary Club of Tulsa (Downtown Club) and members of the First Presbyterian Church. Since then, numerous organizations, foundations and volunteers have been supporting the mission of the Tulsa Boys’ Home.
“Hope Tours are designed to showcase what we do at Tulsa Boys’ Home to all of Tulsa,” Conway said.

If you’d like to schedule a Hope Tour, contact Tulsa Boys’ Home at (918) 245-0231 ext. 5004, or email Karen K. Clark at eat0@eau0eav0eaw0.
Tulsa Boys’ Home was founded in 1918 as the first boys’ home in Oklahoma. It is a nationally accredited residential treatment facility that helps 11 to 18 year old boys with emotional, behavioral, and substance abuse problems, and houses 64 boys a day, 365 days a year. TBH is a Tulsa Area United Way Partner Agency located in west Tulsa County on 160 acres at 2727 S. 137th W. Avenue in Sand Springs.

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Tulsa Boys' Home

For more information, contact:

Tulsa Boys’ Home

(918) 245-0231 ext. 5004
2727 S. 137th W. Ave. Sand Springs, OK 74063 | OK
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