Trust Matters

These days who you trust matters. When clients come in for a meeting, they know they can trust Melanie, Ken, and Waterstone Private Wealth Management.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Other | Issue: January 2013

Ken Grant and Melanie Hasty-Grant own 
Waterstone Private Wealth Management and serve clients in Owasso and at Utica Square in Tulsa.

Ken Grant and Melanie Hasty-Grant own Waterstone Private Wealth Management and serve clients in Owasso and at Utica Square in Tulsa.

Melanie Hasty-Grant and Ken Grant own Waterstone Private Wealth Management, with offices in Owasso and at Utica Square in Tulsa.  “With 20+ combined years of experience in the financial industry, we’ve been around the block more than once,” says Melanie. “We love what we do and are in the financial business for the long haul.”  

    Clients know Waterstone has the experience and track record for understanding the market. “When clients meet with us, they have trust in us and what we do,” says Melanie.“ Those who place their trust in us know that we do the right things for the right reasons with no mixed loyalties. Our clients know we have a well thought-out plan and that we will be there for them through thick and thin.”

    Melanie and Ken enjoy their independence in the industry, but clear through LPL Financial, the largest independent broker/dealer in the country. “Because we are not employees of LPL Financial, we have no downward ‘sales pressure’ to sell clients something they do not need,” said Melanie. They hold no inventory of “stuff” that they have to sell, and they have no proprietary products. This means they have access to all investments available on the ­market, and they customize plans specifically to clients’ needs. “Clearing” through LPL Financial means that while being independent, Waterstone is also regulated by FINRA, have ­annual audits, and recordkeeping and statements are produced by LPL Financial. Waterstone’s clients have the best of both worlds: having their money ­managed in a way that is solely in their best interest and having a large company standing behind them and their money.

    Ken and Melanie are ­frequent contributors to national television and radio shows such as CNBC’s “PowerLunch,” “Fox Business News,” “MarketWatch Radio” (broadcast from the New York Stock Exchange), and “The Wall Street Journal.”

    “The recent volatility in the markets have been a wakeup call for most investors that the rules have changed and they need someone they can trust to help guide them towards their ­financial goals,” said Ken.

    In today’s crazy market, the old “buy, hold, and hope” ­strategy is not an effective way to manage money, the Grants agree. Yesterday’s accepted school of practice was to buy quality investments and hold them for the long term. “This is still the mainstream school of thought,” said Melanie, “but the market has proven over the last 14 years that the philosophy is no longer effective. You now need much more.” Melanie refers to Waterstone’s overall strategy as “grow, preserve, protect.”

    “It’s a more tactical, active and protective way of managing money,” she explains. Melanie says that clients now need a “buy side” and a “sell side” strategy, a well thought-out plan and ­strategy to determine when and why they are buying an ­investment, and what they expect to accomplish. It’s not acceptable to just throw money in the market and hope for the best. Waterstone clients want and need strategies to help them meet goals for safety and security.

    We may call it “service,” but we now need something that goes way beyond that. We need someone who is going to be there for us to face whatever lies ahead. Melanie summarizes it perfectly: “When you get laid off, when your employer declares bankruptcy, when America goes through a recession and you’re scared, when you’re going through an ugly divorce and don’t know where to turn, when you get older and need help, when your spouse dies and you’re devastated, or when you are terminally ill and in hospice care – it’s during these times you need someone you can call at home, who will come to you wherever you are, who will stand with you in your grief or ­indecision, and who will be there for your spouse or children when you cannot. Waterstone will be your advocate, to help you think clearly and get things done. That's why trust truly matters.  You are our client, not your money.”

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