Triple Green Giveaway

To highlight their eco-friendly product lines and special sales, Mill Creek decided to hold a Sweepstakes.

By: Gary Murphy | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: April 2010

Jack Rodden, president of Mill Creek Carpet and Tile, and the electric car the company is giving away in their Triple Green Giveaway.

Jack Rodden, president of Mill Creek Carpet and Tile, and the electric car the company is giving away in their Triple Green Giveaway.

Mill Creek Carpet and Tile is a big part of the Mill Creek Lumber family. The lumber company was founded in Oklahoma in 1932, and now is comprised of over 30 locations that stretch over three states: Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas. Some of these locations are focused on the lumber business while others are specialty design stores, like their flooring centers and kitchen showrooms. It is truly an Oklahoma success story by any standard.

The company is committed to the communities that it serves. One way the Mill Creek family of stores shows its commitment is through its quality product offerings. For example, the Mill Creek Carpet and Tile store chain is having a special Sweepstakes to bring attention to the numerous green products offered by Mill Creek – brands like Shaw Carpet, who has a long-term commitment and is a leader in environmental stewardship. As a matter of fact, Mill Creek is Oklahoma’s exclusive Shaw Anso Premier Dealer. This designation not only assures the customers that they have environmentally-friendly products, but assures them the store showcases the widest array of Anso nylon carpets made by Shaw Industries.

Mill Creek Carpet and Tile carries a wide variety of products, and to highlight their eco-friendly product lines and special sales, Mill Creek decided to hold a Sweepstakes. For example, Karastan has two promotions back to back this spring, and Shaw Carpet is holding its annual “Spring Is Green” sale. Both of these manufacturers feature valuable coupons worth up to $500 in savings. Thus, the development of a simple but exciting promotion is called the Triple Green Giveaway. “This promotion is a great way to introduce to our customers the great green products and sales that are available this spring,” said Jack Rodden, company president. “The Sweepstakes will give a level of excitement to our current sales efforts, but just as important, it also makes it a bit fun for our customers.”

You may ask, what is Triple Green? Foremost, the greens complement the environmentally-friendly product lines. The first green stands for the incredible Sweepstakes prize – an electric car. The winner of the car has an additional chance to receive a cash award of $25,000 in a drawing once the car is awarded.  

The second green in the Triple Green is the presentation of the environmentally-friendly product offerings. Products like the Karastan Carpets made with SmartStrand carpet fiber, using a key ingredient which is produced from corn sugar. By utilizing this new ingredient, 37 percent of Sorona® is being made from renewable resources. You’ll have to see the video on the Mill Creek Carpet website to appreciate its value, both for the environment and also for its easy cleaning properties. This marks the first time that a luxuriously soft carpet offers durability and stain protection, while also making less of an environmental impact.

The third green relates to the all the greenbacks you are going to save by purchasing any of the store specials over the course of the Sweepstakes event. “We hope that the Triple Green Giveaway will help invite new customers to discover our showrooms and visit our website at,” said Rodden. If you stop by and register at one of the store locations, you will get an additional chance to see and possibly win this great car. Tulsa showrooms are located at 6845 E. 41st St. and at 9342 S. Memorial Dr. There are two ways to register for the Sweepstakes; one is online and the other is at any of the many statewide Mill Creek store locations. Customers of Mill Creek Kitchens and Home Improvement stores will also have entry forms available.

Additionally, Mill Creek Carpet and Tile will be offering prizes and giveaways during the Sweepstakes period. Each Friday morning starting in April, they will be giving away prizes during the morning news programs at Tulsa’s Channel 6 and on Channel 9 in Oklahoma City. The contest will utilize the text-to-win technology to give away certificates redeemable for carpet, tile and wood products at store locations.

Mill Creek Carpet and Tile is also sponsoring some other events in the community, like 92.9 KBEZ’s Eggstravaganza, held on March 27. The electric car will be at the KBEZ’s Festival Earth at RiverWalk Crossing in Jenks on April 27, offering an additional opportunity for registration to the attendees. “We will do two other remotes at our store locations to show off the electric car,” added Rodden. Those interested in winning the electric car will have multiple opportunities to register for the Triple Green Giveaway – online at, and additionally at our store locations.

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