Treating Your Pets Like Family

Anytime Pet Sitters is a great solution to your pet care concerns.

By: Susan Erler | Category: Pets | Issue: February 2010

Jennifer Schneider, Jared Borgwardt and Kita of Anytime Pet Sitters.

Jennifer Schneider, Jared Borgwardt and Kita of Anytime Pet Sitters.

As any dog or cat owner will confess, your pet is your “baby.” They become members of your family, and you worry about them just like you would your own child. But leaving them alone for periods of time during the day is inevitable. Work requirements, travel and holidays all compete for your time. Unfortunately, your pet is often the one that is made to suffer. That doesn’t have to be the case anymore!

Anytime Pet Sitters is a great solution to your pet care concerns. Owners Jennifer Schneider and Jared Borgwardt are the best “surrogate parents” you could find for your furry friends, and your feathery or scaly friends too! Jennifer and Jared are long-time pet lovers, and their care and concern for animals is evident in their business. Anytime Pet Sitters is a company founded on personal experiences. “For a long time, we just decided to stay home for the holidays, not travel, and continue to shoulder the stress that comes from running home everyday on lunch hours to let our dog out,” says Jared.

“We knew there had to be a lot of others with the same situation,” says Jennifer. “And we wanted to be a solution to their problem.”

Utilizing her extensive background as a vet assistant and having grown up in her parents’ pet store, Jennifer is uniquely qualified to care for all types of pets. Anytime Pet Sitters has clientele that includes dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, fish and reptiles.

As the only employees of the business, Jared and Jennifer are able to ensure 100 percent customer service and satisfaction. “We take pride in everything we do and make sure that all customers are completely satisfied. We want them to look forward to using our services again,” states Jared.

New this year is a “Doggie Fitness Program.” A lot of people just don’t have the time or are not able to properly exercise their dog. This is imperative for an animal to stay fit and healthy. Extra weight can mean a diminished lifespan. Anytime Pet Sitters can create a program for your pet that not only will fit your budget, but will get your pooch the exercise they need.

The company has many happy customers and testimonials, including, “they are more reliable than the U.S. postal service” in regards to their visits during the recent blizzard. And pet sitting isn’t the extent of the services they offer. While you are on vacation, Jennifer and Jared will do some “house sitting” chores too. They can bring your mail inside, open and close blinds so the house appears occupied, turn lights on and off, take trash to the curb, and even let faucets drip a little to help prevent pipes from breaking during cold snaps.

While they are at your home, they will take daily photos of your pet. These pictures along with a daily blog update will all go on their website, where owners can check up on their ­pets’ wellbeing while they are away. “It gives our clients a tremendous sense of relief to actually see their animal each day and to read about play time, meals and even when they have had a little accident,” laughs Jennifer.

Even though this is a new concept to the area, most pet owners will be excited about the possibilities. Their services can be used on an “as needed” or “emergency” basis too. If you get stuck working late, no problem. You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing your pet is taken care of. Becoming a client is an easy process. Just call and schedule a meet and greet, which gives your pet a chance to meet Jared and Jennifer with you right there. This helps them be less anxious later. They will gather information about your pet’s diet, any medication they need to be taking, and get a medical history and emergency contacts. Then, you can decide whether their services will best benefit you on a daily, weekly, or as needed basis.

Don’t let your best friend suffer needlessly anymore. Put your pets in the capable hands of Jennifer and Jared with Anytime Pet Sitters. For additional information and rates, go to

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