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Amazing Lawns of Tulsa is family owned and operated. Honesty and integrity run deep within the owner Daryl Carter, his family, and their employees.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Lawn & Garden | Issue: March 2011

Amazing Lawns of Tulsa owner Daryl Carter has been in the lawn care ­industry for 30 years.

Amazing Lawns of Tulsa owner Daryl Carter has been in the lawn care ­industry for 30 years.

Daryl Carter, owner of Amazing Lawns of Tulsa, is probably one of the nicest individuals you’ll ever hope to meet. The main point that shined through during the interview for this story was that honesty and integrity run deep within the Carter family and their employees. After visiting with Daryl, it was obvious that he is genuinely friendly and knowledgeable about his products and treatment services. He left no doubt how important it is for him and his customers to develop mutual trust. With Daryl’s positive attitude and concern about how each job is done, he quickly wins you over.

Amazing Lawns of Tulsa is family owned and operated and has a main focus on the chemical side of the lawn care business. With Daryl’s 30 years of experience in his chosen industry, you can rest assured that you will be treated fairly and with respect, and that only the very finest lawn care products will be recommended and used to treat your lawn. The company does provide additional related services to preventively treat or rid lawns of ants, fleas, ticks and spiders. They also offer tree and shrub services for preventive maintenance or to nourish trees and shrubs back to better health.

When you call Amazing Lawns of Tulsa, you won’t get a recording or an answering service – you’ll talk with the owner of the company. Daryl says he uses a satellite technology that enables him to provide an accurate free quote for lawn services in about five minutes. His full program recommendation is for six or seven lawn applications per year. You may, however, ask for an estimate for a four- or five-step program. The company is offering special discounts on the first application this spring when you make a commitment to either of these treatment programs.  

Daryl stresses that right now is the time to call for an estimate and to get started on a lawn treatment program. “Early spring is when you want to have your lawn treated with a good pre-emergent that will control summer annuals,” he says. “Once we hit the growing season, it’s more difficult to rein in crab grass and other annoying weed issues. The best window for laying down a pre-emergent is now through March 20, and sooner is better.”

The second recommended treatment would follow five to six weeks after the initial treatment. It would include both pre- and post-emergent applications for newly developing and mature crab grass and weed growth. When a customer signs up for scheduled lawn treatments, immediately following the first treatment they are given a program guide explaining what and when services will be provided.

Daryl emphasizes how important it is for customers to realize that any highly successful lawn care program is a partnership between the customer and Amazing Lawns. Both have major responsibilities. Even with the very best chemicals and applications, unless customers are willing to mow when needed and water as recommended, lawns can suffer. Proper mowing helps to provide a thick, healthy lawn, which is the natural deterrent to reducing weed problems.

It’s significant that Amazing Lawns of Tulsa is a locally operated company. “We know Oklahoma grasses,” said Daryl, “and when you use the services of Amazing Lawns, your tax dollars are going to stay right here.”

Give Daryl a call now and get a free estimate for ensuring the beauty of your lawn in 2011.

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