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Transforming Houses Into Homes

Melody at Divine Redesign can redecorate your kitchen, living area, bedroom, bathroom, or any other part of your home.

By: Sheryl Sowell | Category: Home Interior Retail | Issue: December 2010

Interior designer Melody Miles of Divine Redesign with happy clients Suzanne and Doug Wright, in their redesigned home.

Interior designer Melody Miles of Divine Redesign with happy clients Suzanne and Doug Wright, in their redesigned home.

Doug and Suzanne Wright bought their south Tulsa home almost a year ago, and until August, the walls were essentially bare. “So often families with two working parents and active children do not take the time to add the finishing touches to their home – they’re too busy, they don’t know what to do, or both,” says Doug. “Decorating can be a very daunting task. A beautiful, personalized home is what every homeowner wants, but most do not have the time or ability to achieve it on their own.”

The month of August was a turning point for the Wrights. Suzanne’s father was turning 70, and they were throwing him a birthday celebration in their home. “We wanted our home to look beautiful for our guests, but knew we were never going to be able to decorate on our own,” says Suzanne. The Wrights called Melody Miles, owner of Divine Redesign, to help decorate their living and dining areas. The couple was so pleased with the results of her work that a long-term relationship formed, and Melody was soon decorating the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, billiards room and more.

“It’s so important to love your home, but it’s a really great feeling when your guests love it too. We have received so many compliments since Melody worked her magic. At the birthday party, many people thought our home was built in the last five years, but the house is over 20 years old,” says Doug.

According to Doug and Suzanne, enlisting the help of an interior designer is less expensive than most people would think. “When you think of designers, you imagine Beverly Hills and a frou-frou lady with a poodle under her arm filling your house with statues,” laughs Doug. “But it’s not like that at all. Melody works with every budget. It’s not as costly as you’d think – she can do a lot inexpensively. And she truly captures your family’s identity, passions and comforts, turning your house into the home you’ve always dreamed of.”

The process is easy and stress-free. Simply call Melody to schedule your two-hour consultation, when she will visit with you in your home to get a clear idea of your tastes and personal style. “I look at items you’ve already chosen, and use my intuition to pick up on what you would probably love. Communication is the biggest thing – I always spend time getting to know my clients and their likes and dislikes.”

Next, Melody will go shopping and bring items back into your home – you can keep what you like, or let her know if it isn’t really your cup of tea. “I have many resources to find the ideal décor for your home. For one wall, I will go to five different stores and look for things that go together. It’s an ongoing process; I’ll get there with some things and maybe see a hole that needs to be filled, and I’ll go out and find the perfect item to fill it,” says Melody.

Finally, Melody will complete the beautification process, including hanging everything and adding the final finishing touches. “It’s all part of my service – I want my clients to not have to worry about raising a finger,” says Melody. “This is truly my passion. I’m so lucky to be able to do what I love and make a living out of it, and be able to use my passion to help others. I give all my clients the same high-quality, finished product no matter what their budget.”

“It’s amazing how the look of your home can change so drastically with a few small details,” says Suzanne. “I can look through a magazine and know what home décor I like, but that doesn’t mean I can go to a store and find it and then put it in my home. What I purchase will only end up on the floor of my closet!”

A few of the décor details Melody uses include stenciling words and phrases on walls, adding art and framed photos to walls, decorating with ornamental items, and making her own flower arrangements. “Most people do not have Melody’s gift. She takes the stress and frustration out of the process, and truly brings your home to life,” says Doug. “She provides that personal touch that really means a lot. These days it seems like customer-oriented service is completely lost, but it is not lost with Melody.”

 “We are completely thrilled with our home now. We leave Melody’s business cards lying around and always pass them out to friends and family,” adds Suzanne.

Call Melody at Divine Redesign if you’re looking to redecorate your kitchen, living area, bedroom, bathroom, recreational room, pool house, or any other part of your home. She also offers specialty design rooms for kids, as well as seasonal décor. As Doug and Suzanne Wright put it, “She will turn your house into a beautiful home.”

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