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From furniture to flowers Signature Interiors, Flowers and Gifts bestows distinctive designer styles to fit any taste.

By: Lorrie Jackson | Category: Consumer News | Issue: March 2007

Sara Kubat, sales associate and Debbie Standish, owner, will help you explore your design style at Signature Interiors, Flowers & Gifts

With more and more men and women working outside the home today, people long to create a sanctuary to which they can retreat after a long day. They want to surround themselves with comfort, filling their homes with things that bring them a sense of peace and tranquility and that express their own personal styles. Yet even though they know what they want, they may not know exactly how to get it.

There is help for those who want to feather their nests at South Tulsa’s Signature Interiors, Flowers and Gifts. Owner and Interior Designer Debbie Hunter wants those who enter the establishment to be inspired from the moment they walk in the door. To this end, she has set up eighteen vignettes, all created with different styles and colors to appeal to every taste. “This way you can envision how a room will look,” Debbie explains, “As opposed to just seeing everything lined up against the wall.”

Whether you are looking for one special accent piece to spice up a room or you need help with your entire home’s presentation, Debbie and the staff at Signature Interiors can help you. “We promote a very laid back, fun atmosphere here, and we want customers to feel at ease,” Debbie says. “And we do not want anyone to be afraid to ask questions. An educated customer is one of my best customers.” You can peruse the many furniture pieces and accessories on the showroom floor, visit Signature’s fabric sample room with your own designer or one of Signature’s designers, or even set up an in-home consultation with Debbie. “I can do an hourly consultation or help the client build a complete presentation for every room in the house,” Debbie notes. “It is great to help a client from concept to completion, to help them make sure space is adequate to accommodate traffic patterns and furniture layouts, to coordinate colors and lighting, carpet and paint.”

Need a bouquet of fresh flowers to brighten up someone’s day or to freshen a room’s décor? Debbie or one of her floral designers can quickly put that bouquet together, often using flowers you will not always find at other shops. “Orchids are our signature flower, which we fly in once a week from Singapore,” Debbie notes. “And we have two coolers devoted completely to tropicals, which we get from Hawaii.” Arrangements can be delivered, or you can carry yours out in a Vase Valet, a wonderful invention which stabilizes flower arrangements for the ride home. Silk floral arrangements are also available at Signature, made only with the highest quality silks and designed to your specifications.

Debbie Hunter is a Tulsa native who graduated from OSU with a bachelor’s degree in Architectural Interior Design and a minor in Landscape Floral Design. This last makes her familiar with not only the inside but the outside of the homes décor, which she believes should be blended to create a harmonious environment. A few years ago, she moved to Chicago where she worked as a freelance designer for several established designers before starting her own company. After eleven years in the Windy City, she decided to return to Tulsa so that, as she says, “I could raise my children here.” She worked for a well known local florist for a time, but then the florist passed away. Debbie bought the business and reopened as Signature Flowers. Over time, she added a small piece of furniture here and there, began offering her design expertise. Soon the business grew to become Signature Interiors, Flowers and Gifts, which she relocated to its present location in mid-2005.

“I really felt that Tulsa needed a unique, mid-to-high end furniture style with distinctive designer style, and I wanted the store to fill that need,” Debbie relates. “My philosophy is: why have the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary?” Debbie is quick to point out that extraordinary doesn’t necessarily mean mega-expensive. “It simply means a look that would describe your personal style,” she says.

Are ready to get in touch with your own personal style? Then be sure to visit Signature Interiors, Flowers and Gifts. You can also tap into Debbie’s expertise by watching her do room makeovers on “Tulsa Homescapes,” which airs Sunday mornings on Channel 6 at 8:30 a.m.

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