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When you have a repair or improvement project at your place, give Todd Roberts a call.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: November 2008

Todd Roberts, with wife Tonya and children Dalton and Delaney, is a family man first. He also performs septic system work and many types of home and office remodeling projects.

Septic system work is the foundation of Roberts Environmental. Although owner Todd Roberts began the business around his septic systems background, including installations, aerobic systems, soil profiles and perc testing, his father taught him a valuable lesson when he was just a boy growing up in a small southeastern Oklahoma town. “Dad said that if I wanted to make my living in a small town, I was going to have to learn to do just about anything residents were willing to pay me to do,” says Todd. To this day, he continues to build his business around that philosophy.  

In addition to doing percolation tests for septic systems, Todd also does soil profiles, a method of testing that seems to now be preferred by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality. He conducts tests to determine the ability of a drain field, also called leach field, to absorb septic effluent and the type of absorption system that can be installed at a given property to best handle the task. Perc tests or soil profiles are conducted to make determinations for new septic systems or to tell when a septic system is believed to have failed and what type of repair or replacement is needed. Roberts Environmental is qualified to do your septic-related testing, install septic systems, and perform tests if you are experiencing problems with your system.

In Todd’s own words, “There are very few things around the house that I can’t do.” Some of the projects he has tackled include laying ceramic tile in kitchens and bathrooms and complete remodels, including installation of cabinets, sinks and countertops. He can pull house, barn or out-building pads and do brush hogging and other tractor work. If you’re thinking about knocking out a wall, moving a door or window, making a new door, replacing an old or damaged door, or replacing old windows with newer, modern types, Todd can do it.

Guttering installation and repairs, fencing of all types including wood, vinyl and pipe, and retaining walls are also projects he enjoys. Todd does general cleanup around the home or office, and he can spruce up an area with new paint if you like. He is experienced with installing new sheetrock and replacing areas that have been damaged. With winter not too far off, Todd will be doing snow removal for individuals, churches and businesses. When last year’s ice storms devastated many northeastern Oklahoma gutters and trees, he was busy replacing damaged guttering, clearing broken limbs and removing severely damaged trees. This year he will be cutting and selling firewood as well.

If you’re looking for someone to winterize your home or business, light pilot lights, replace heating filters, shovel walkways or just about any other home or business project you may have on your list of things to do, Todd can probably do it for you. He’s been helping others with these tasks since 1994 and seems to truly enjoy the variety of work he’s been contracted to do.

One of the nicest things about Todd is how obvious it is that he truly enjoys being a husband and father. The odd jobs he performs are just a bonus to meeting a truly nice individual. When you have a repair or improvement project at your place, give Todd Roberts a call. 

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