To Remodel or Not to Remodel?

Remodeling your home instead of moving to a new one is now a popular choice.

By: Susan Erler | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: July 2010

Melody Miles (center) with two ­satisfied clients of Divine Redesign, David and Paula Bachelor.

Melody Miles (center) with two ­satisfied clients of Divine Redesign, David and Paula Bachelor.

It comes as no surprise that today’s economy has certainly changed trends in society. People are dining out less, vacations have become “staycations,” where you stay close to home instead of traveling somewhere, and remodeling your home instead of moving to a new one is now a popular choice. Homeowners desire something new but don’t want the hassle of loan qualifying or the stress of trying to sell their existing home first. Remodeling can be the perfect choice!

Remodeling your home can be an effective way to get all the latest updates, including energy-efficient appliances and the newest colors and materials – all at a cost that won’t break the budget. Plus, by remodeling, you are adding to the value of your largest investment, your home.

Once the decision has been made to re-do your home, your next step, and probably the most difficult one, is finding a reputable and trustworthy person to help you through the process. Well, look no further. Melody Miles, owner of Divine Redesign, is the person you are looking for. With 15 years of experience, Melody, along with her team of experts, can assure top quality designer work at an affordable price. She works closely with a variety of clients, such as homeowners, investors and realtors. Each has a different objective for their projects, but Melody will design a plan that works for each of them. “If I am working with an individual homeowner, I make sure to get them involved with the design process so they get a home that is uniquely theirs,” she explains. “I like involving clients in choosing the colors, hardware, light fixtures and more, so the finished product is a true example of their personality.”

Melody and her staff can remodel or redesign a single room or an entire home. “I am extremely flexible in working with clients. Many start out with just one room and then suddenly we are redoing the entire home. It is a fun process! My goal is always to make sure they are happy with the end result.”

David and Paula Bachelor are recent clients of Divine Redesign and are very satisfied with their experience. "Melody started out remodeling our kitchen, and it ended up being our entire home!" says David. "We  were just blown away with the results. She brought it to life as we had envisioned it; it was almost like she was reading my wife's mind about what she wanted. Everyone that sees it says it is as good or better than kitchens they have seen in million dollar homes. We are very pleased with Melody's work."

When working with real estate investors trying to “flip” a home, Melody is an expert at updating and utilizing every inch of livable space. She understands that kitchens and bathrooms can be overwhelming, and many people aren’t able to envision their full potential. That is where she steps in. She is an expert at taking your 1950s tired and outdated home and bringing it to life by creating a fresh and functional living space, guaranteed to compete with any new construction on the market.

Price is always a consideration when remodeling, and Melody is fair when pricing her work. “My fee is easy to figure,” she explains. “I charge 15 percent of the total project fee. That’s it! No surprises and no huge costs.” The benefit to homeowners is easy to see. If Melody gets a great deal on a light fixture, or any item for that matter, she passes that savings on to her clients. That means a $500 item costs her client $500, not the typical $900 to $1,000 that other contractors might charge. Melody truly cares for each and every one of her clients, and it shows in all that she does for them.

Another important difference between Melody and other contractors is that she works with the same people on every job. "We have gotten to know each other and work well as a team," she explains. "I am very confident in them and feel very fortunate to have such an honest, hard-working, flexible team." This allows her to offer a designer product at a lower cost than most contractors can even quote. So, when you decide to remodel, update or even flip a home, go into the project with an expert on your side – the experts at Divine Redesign.

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