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By: Jane Hanson | Category: Consumer News | Issue: November 2006

(L-R) Lee Beasley, esthetician; Mary Beth Morgan, massage therapist; Jeannette Eaton, nail specialist; Carol Chambers, owner; Sherry Reed, massage therapist. Not pictured; Machelle Romine, massage therapist.

Heading toward the holiday season, people are looking for unusual and unique gifts for loved ones. South Tulsa’s most luxurious day spa, Adonia Day Spa, has the answer on both accounts.

Treat yourself before the holidays to one of the many relaxing and beneficial treatments, or purchase special holiday gift certificates for friends and family to pamper themselves afterwards. With special packages like “All About Me,” “Throw Your Cares Away” and “I’m in Heaven,” you are guaranteed to be pleased!

Adonia Day Spa features the extraordinary makeup line by Bare Escentuals called i.d. bareMinerals. Made with crushed minerals from the earth all foundations and cheek and eye colors are free from preservatives, talc, oil, fragrance and other potential skin irritants. This means all ages and skin types can benefit from the feather-light, 100 percent pure bareMinerals, but especially those concerned with sensitivities, allergies, scars, blemishes, rosacea, wrinkles and pigmentation.

As Carol Chambers, owner, explains, “The bareMinerals foundation, with SPF 15, becomes one with warm skin, and the minerals are very beneficial to the skin.” Check out the entire product line of Bare Escentuals mascaras, lipsticks, lip liners, lip glosses and more.

In addition to carrying the full-line of bareMinerals makeup, Adonia Day Spa also has skincare products. RareMinerals is the first-ever mineral based night time treatment. For a full, state-of-the-art skincare system ask staff about md formulations. To read more about BareEscentuals makeup and skincare products visit www.bareescentuals.com.

A new service at Adonia is the Bio-Visage Micro Current Facial offered by Licensed Esthetician Lee Beasley. Using a three-step process, the micro current stimulates the cells to release toxins, feeds your skin nutrients and vitamins, then lifts and tones. Bio-Visage is a wonderful treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles and texture. Acne problems will improve as the cells release toxins and the skin is exfoliated.

Adonia also offers microdermabrasion, chemical peels, personalized facials, waxing and brow and lash tinting. All facials include a wonderful hand treatment with milk and honey salt scrub, scented massage oil and body butter followed with hot mitts and a hand massage. What a great way to welcome the holidays!

When it comes to manicures and pedicures, Adonia Day Spa nail specialist Jeannette Eaton insists all treatments are a long and luxurious one-hour experience. Eaton is a licensed and experienced manicurist, pedicurist and reflexologist who creates exquisite hand-designed nail art. Her salt scrub and hydration therapy for hands and feet are the ideal way to relax, escape and unwind. Eaton says, “We create a ‘friends and family’ atmosphere here.”

Of course, no day spa would be complete without a sumptuous massage, and Adonia Day Spa offers three highly qualified massage therapists.

Adonia’s newest licensed massage therapist is Sherry Reed. Reed focuses on deep tissue massage to relieve tension and release toxins stored in the muscles. It is a great way to cleanse and detoxify the body. She works on trigger points, the build-up of metabolic waste in the muscles, and helping the body to remove that waste through massage.

Reed also offers hot stone massage, which is even more relaxing. The warmth from the stones helps muscles let go, and her skillful hands work around the stones.

Machelle Romine, N.M.T. is a licensed neuromuscular and deep tissue massage therapist, as well as an expert at ear candling. She does a lot of neck and shoulder work, treating migraines, fibro-myalgia and other similar conditions.

Mary Beth Morgan is a nationally certified neuromuscular therapist and a licensed physical therapist assistant. She specializes in senior and family massage from grandparents to youth. “I like to treat the whole family,” she says.

Morgan has a firm but gentle touch, and identifies problems almost intuitively. Some of her clients have described her as having “inquisitive hands.” She listens and observes the body and its underlying and functional aspects. She aims to rid the body of pain, or help it feel more balanced, relaxed and comforted.

At anytime you’ll want to consider the new Aqua Detox system. Aqua Detox is a “revolutionary way to detoxify, rebalance and re-energize the body.” The system is a footbath containing saline water and an electro-magnetic device. The painless electron-magnetic charge stimulates the cells, splitting the ions in the water between negative and positive. This allows the body to absorb what is needed to restore the body’s balance and energy levels, while facilitating and aiding in its natural detoxification process.

Chambers has heard several success stories from people using the Aqua Detox system. One is from her own husband Mike. He had lower back pain before treatment and was shocked to find the pain gone after the treatment. Another customer had been suffering from pain in both of her knees before the treatment at Adonia. As she stood up afterwards she was amazed by how much relief she felt.

These results are not typical, and the Aqua Detox system cannot treat, diagnose or cure diseases. Some of the benefits, however, may be increased vitality, improved circulation, increased energy levels, greater sense of well being and better nutrient absorption.

The Adonia Day Spa, open Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. through 3 p.m.

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