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For fun and screams this Halloween, visit The Haunted Castle of Muskogee.

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Don’t miss Halloween Land at the Castle.

It’s October, 1539, and rumor has it that the Castle of Muskogee is haunted by a strange entity. To find out if that rumor is true, come visit the Haunted Castle of Muskogee, a short 45 minute drive from Tulsa just off the Muskogee Turnpike.  

You’ll find thrills for the entire family inside and outside the Haunted Castle of Muskogee, from the sinister fog shrouded forest to the carnival atmosphere of Halloween Land. There are performances and activities for the young and old alike.

Worried that this event may be too much of a scare for young children? Well, think again because the Castle of Muskogee has created a “Scare Rating” scale. The more X’s that are posted the scarier the event will be.  

If you are one of the more courageous souls, the Trail of Blood (XXXXX) might be just for you. Take a walk through the Blair Woods if you dare. The lost souls of those who have gone before you will guide you through this terrifying forest.  (Warning: this haunting walk may not be for the faint of heart!) Or you may just wish to go inside the castle for the Domus Horrificus (XXXXX) featuring a labyrinth through the 12th Century Castle where doom and mystery awaits around every corner. Enter if you wish—just pray you can find your way out.

If you want to try something a tad less frightening, you may wish to go through the Casa Morte (XXXX) instead. Or try The Ultimate Maze (XX). Most will be able to find their way out. The rest of you, well…

In the Torture Chamber (X), located inside the Haunted Castle, you can see what really happened in Medieval times to those who rebelled against the Kings Lair as you take a tour through the depths of the dungeons.

Later, you can take a trip on the Haunted Hayride (X), a journey that will be sure to keep you on your toes as you ride through the Haunted Castle grounds. Both of these events are fun for the entire family.

Never fear, oh weak of heart—there are many activities available for you, too. The Enchanted Boardwalk is your chance to stroll on the boardwalk filled with Halloween inflatables; and the Pirate Ship stage is a nice place to rest and be entertained. In the Halloween Village, hot and cold drinks are available, as well as apple bobbing, fortune telling, ghost stories and much more.  Halloween Land provides a safe trick or treat zone for the little ones. This carnival of delight offers fun with no scares. Kids ten and under are invited to come and enjoy games, coloring contests, treats, balloons, and much more.  

“I believe this will be our best Halloween production yet,” says Jeff Hiller, organizer of the event. “We offer fun and thrills for the entire family on our 60 acre Halloween Theme Park.”  The haunting begins

October 6th and runs Fridays and Saturdays in October and October 30th and 31st. Hours of operation for most sites in the park are from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., and Halloween Land is open until 9 p.m.

For more information, contact

Castle of Muskogee

3400 Fern Mountain Rd., Muskogee, OK(800)

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Castle of Muskogee

For more information, contact:

Castle of Muskogee

(918) 687-3625 | 800-439-0658
3400 W Fern Mountain Rd | Muskogee, OK 74401

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