This Carpet’s For the Dogs (and Cats)

Grigsby’s Carpet, Tile & Rug Gallery spotlights products designed for people and their pets.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Retail | Issue: October 2014

Grigsby’s staff members with Captain, an adoptable pet from the SPCA. (Back row): David Stover, Richard Trim, (Front Row): Leslie Pennington, Amanda Payne, Lindsey Covey, Penny Carnino and Payton.

Grigsby’s staff members with Captain, an adoptable pet from the SPCA. (Back row): David Stover, Richard Trim, (Front Row): Leslie Pennington, Amanda Payne, Lindsey Covey, Penny Carnino and Payton.

Grigsby’s Carpet, Tile & Rug Gallery is currently featuring pet-friendly products with a focus on dogs and cats –and people too. Director of Operations Penny Carnino has announced that the company’s Stainmaster® PetProtect™ Carpets will be on sale now through October 11, 2014. “Pet hair releases from them easily, making cleaning a snap,” says Carnino. “The Stainmaster PetProtect carpet system resists pet stains, is color safe, and easily releases pet hair while you vacuum to decrease the amount of time you spend cleaning.” One could say Stainmaster PetProtect products are pet – and owner – friendly. Stainmaster sponsored the popular Westminster Dog Show this year.
All Stainmaster PetProtect carpets and other pet-friendly products will be on sale at the Grigsby’s event. In addition to the spotlight being on these special products, Grigsby’s has teamed with the SPCA and will feature a Pet Adoption Day on October 11, the final day of the promotion. Dogs and cats will be available for adoption by pet-loving families. Pets will be shown inside or outside, rain or shine, depending on weather conditions. Either way, the dog pen’s floor will be covered with Stainmaster PetProtect Carpet – with a fire hydrant. This should give you an opportunity to observe puppy personalities while you witness just how well PetProtect products perform.
One SPCA canine will be chosen to star in a forthcoming Grigsby’s commercial featuring Stainmaster PetProtect Carpet. Maybe it will be the puppy you choose to take home to make a part of your family. The tie-in with the SPCA is just another example of how Grigsby’s stays in tune with the Tulsa community. “We hope this will be the first of many pet adoption events we sponsor through the SPCA,” said Carnino.
Grigsby’s Carpet, Tile & Rug Gallery expanded its facility last fall, which placed all store departments under one roof. They added a beautiful office and showroom area for the commercial department while enlarging the existing carpet showroom space. You can see dozens of styles and patterns on both showroom floors.
“We’re constantly updating and changing product selections to stay abreast of favorite market trends,” said Carnino, “while continuing to deliver excellent service to our customers by providing helpful information and the finest selections available in northeastern Oklahoma. And, as always, our prices are very competitive.”
Whenever you’re thinking home improvement, you’ll find carpet, area rugs, tile, hardwood and vinyl coverings at Grigsby’s for any room in your home. Visit them by October 11 to check out all their family-friendly products, especially if you have kids or pets in your home. If you don’t have a pet, this will be a great time to adopt one.

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