They Have the Keys

Mike Fitzpatrick of Classic Chevrolet shares key elements to achieve business success.

By: Eddie Stephens | Category: Automotive | Issue: January 2007

Mike Fitzpatrick, Service and Parts Director, positively leads the team.

Three keys. That is what Mike Fitzpatrick, Service and Parts Director, believes is significant to the success of Owasso’s Classic Chevrolet.

He has been with this locally owned dealership for 15 years. Fourteen of those years have been spent in their Parts and Service Department.

Fitzpatrick speaks with intense clarity about what he believes sets Classic Chevrolet apart from the crowd. “Three positives have been good for our business through the years; our people, our training standards and our equipment.”

Outstanding People
According to Fitzpatrick, “Low turn-over among our department personnel has made a difference. The majority of our technicians and service writers have been with us for eight to 15 years.

Classic Chevrolet Service Technicians have an average of nine years at Classic Chevrolet. Our technicians have well over 300 years of experience in the vehicle repair business.”

As one of Classic’s outstanding Service Writers, Dale Garrison has 13 years at Classic Chevrolet. His experience totals 40 years in the automobile business, prompting Fitzpatrick to call him, “The Rock of Gibraltar on the service drive.”

Quality people with long-term commitment means that you can trust your experience at Classic Chevrolet to be satisfactory in every way.

High Training Standards
Fitzpatrick states, “We are constantly training. Ongoing quality improvement is among our highest goals and achievements.”

General Motors sets high service standards. Classic Chevrolet consistently stays at or above the 200 percentile range of training excellence. Presently, they are at 272 percent trained.

The training standard flows throughout their Parts and Service Department. One Service Technician, Josh Hayes, has achieved General Motors’ World Class Master Technician Certification. Another Service Technician, Nathan Foster, is well on his way to achieving the same certification in mid - 2007.

Training impacts their entire Parts and Service organization. It has created a consistently high Customer Satisfaction Index.

This dealership values training. As a customer you will be assured of a knowledgeable perspective regarding your vehicle’s parts and service needs.

Benchmark Equipment
Classic Chevrolet has technical and diagnostic equipment comparable to much larger dealerships. “We have the appearance of a small shop, but the capacity of our technical equipment keeps us highly competitive,” Fitzpatrick states.

Diagnosing engine and driveability issues is critical. Dealerships rely on state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment for accuracy.

General Motors’ hand-held diagnostic tool is a must these days. Intricate electronics and on-board computer systems require a service team to have this device to accurately diagnose what repair your car needs.

Having one or two of these devices enables a dealership to work on today’s cars better. Classic Chevrolet has “gone above and beyond” by investing in six of them. Fitzpatrick points out, “This enables us to diagnose and repair your car even faster. Our technicians always have a hand-held diagnostic tool available right when they need one. This decreases our customer’s waiting time significantly.”

These days you will notice the dealership’s commitment to increasing service effectiveness. A facility remodel is underway and will raise customer service standards throughout the dealership.

Fitzpatrick believes their parts and service teams are the best around. He credits the local ownership factor as vital to their ongoing success.

Classic Chevrolet’s Parts and Service Department is crystal clear about three things; their people, their training and their equipment. Let them diagnose and meet your vehicle’s needs.

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