The Stain Doctors

Impressive Design Concepts offers a prescription for your stained concrete ailments.

By: Sheryl Sowell | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: October 2012

A driveway completed using Impressive Design techniques.

A driveway completed using Impressive Design techniques.

Do you have a real stain ­problem? The Pinsons, owners of Impressive Design Concepts, see it all the time – homeowners attempting to restain or reseal stained concrete projects that have faded, cracked, chipped or peeled. Impressive Design Concepts says, “Stop! Let us provide you with a professional solution to your stain problem.”

    The Pinsons explain that with the new technology ­available, you don’t have to use stains, acid washing or other “old school” ways of making your concrete look incredible. “We are the stain doctors, ­offering a remedy for your stain problem. We ­specialize in ­removing unsightly and damaged stain and applying new ­technologies that are UV resistant, environmentally friendly, have a long life span, and ­produce ­outstanding results.”

    The stain doctors use advanced technological products and techniques to achieve superior stain results that can outlast any stain application currently on the market. “Whether you are an existing or new stain customer, we highly recommend you call the stain doctors before you stain or attempt to re-stain or reseal an existing project. We can help you avoid the costly problems and headache associated with your stain.”

    Impressive Design Concepts uses superior dye products for your concrete that do not require acid washing or dilution, can be used indoors and outdoors, dry within five to ten minutes, and can be mixed for a variation of colors. “We offer 17 colors that can be used alone or mixed to create a mirage of colors.” They offer custom designs and ­one-of-a-kind patterns for your projects, allowing for a unique and ­distinctive appearance. They can also customize your concrete area with a logo of your choice, such as a sports team, college or ­company logo. “We can duplicate stain patterns and designs that are superior to any current stain application on the market.”

    The dyes are a permanent application and solvent resistant. They will not fade and deteriorate like stains do. Larry Pinson said the key to a good stain project is preparation and sealing. Without these two very important steps, your stain project will more than likely have a disastrous effect. Impressive Design Concepts can take any stained concrete project – driveways, porches, patios, walkways, living rooms, offices, kitchens, pool decks, garage floors, basements, and more – and transform it into a beautiful area that will last for many years to come. Combined with being low-maintenance, environmentally ­friendly, durable in high traffic areas, and aesthetically ­appealing, the attractive cost makes this process a must-have.

    Impressive Design Concepts aims to go above and beyond to help clients and uphold a ­standard of excellence. Attention and service to their customers is not the only unique feature of the company; it is also the ­products, which are of an ­industrial and commercial grade and not sold in your local ­hardware stores, paint stores, or construction supply stores. These products must be installed by trained certified installers. “The system we use has a ­national reputation for superior results.”

    Most exterior jobs can be completed in as little as two to four days, depending on climatic conditions and customers’ choices. Garages can be completed in as little as one to two days. Stem walls, color choices and moving personal affects and replacing those items when finished are included in the quote.

    If you are a homeowner or business looking for an answer for distinctive flooring, or ­repairing or enriching existing stained concrete, you have a ­professional solution. Impressive Design Concepts is a company with a record for excellence that does impeccable work and comes highly recommended. Call today for an appointment.

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