The Price of Depression…

The clock is ticking. Don’t lessen your odds of recovery.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: June 2015

Dr. Jeff McIlroy, Chief of Psychiatry for Strength of Mind, says their TMS treatment is a three-pronged approach to treating and recovering from depression.

Dr. Jeff McIlroy, Chief of Psychiatry for Strength of Mind, says their TMS treatment is a three-pronged approach to treating and recovering from depression.

Dr. Jeff McIlroy has served Strength of Mind as Chief of Psychiatry since its founding in 2004.  The group’s purpose is to provide a ready response to those in need of outpatient behavioral health care and their goal is to make psychiatry innovative, effective and accessible.  “By using diverse, personalized and comprehensive treatment methods,” says Dr. McIlroy, “Strength of Mind meets a variety of patients’ needs at any age.”

Strength of Mind was the first in Tulsa to provide TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation).  TMS therapy is an FDA approved, non-invasive medical treatment for major depression.  The treatment gives direct MRI strength magnetic pulse stimulation to the frontal lobe of the brain compelling neurons to start firing which leads to restoring the brain to normal functioning levels while elevating moods and encouraging ambition.

Insurance companies that currently cover TMS treatment at Strength of Mind include Blue Cross Blue Shield, Federal, Anthem, BCBS-OK, Medicare, United Behavioral Health, Community Care Oklahoma and Value Options.

“The price of depression is staggering,” says Dr. McIlroy.  “It affects your family, friends, employer, employees and, of course, you.  Depression leads to decreased mood, initiative and drive.  It brings about indecisiveness about life while healthy development, jobs, hobbies and relationships come to a halt.  The result is dissatisfaction with life in general, decreased physical activity, leading to poor internal health and stamina. Thus fat content goes up, efficiency of heart beats go down. The risk of strokes and diabetes rises.”

With depression, the clock is ticking.  “Research shows that parts of the brain, such as where memories are stored, actually shrink.” says Dr. McIlroy.  “The likelihood of recovery continues to decrease the longer a depressed individual waits to see a specialist.”  In other words, the longer you remain depressed, the harder it is to come out of it.  The good news is that there is help through TMS.

Dr. McIlroy explained that Strength of Mind has much to offer through a three-pronged approach to treating depression with TMS.  “(1) We wake up the brain with direct stimulation in areas that pills have not been able to touch.  (2) We use therapeutic fitness to engage the body while the brain is in a state of readiness. (3) We change patient behavior.  This is what makes our treatment so unique; we treat the whole person.”

Research has shown Dr. McIlroy’s group that while physical activity is a powerful tool in treating depression, exercise is the last thing a depressed person wants to do.  “This typically leads to listlessness, inactivity and remaining out of shape,” said Dr. McIlroy.  “Strength of Mind’s solution is one-on-one therapeutic fitness to get the body moving, the result of which is a boost to the recovery process.  And there have been no medical side effects with our TMS treatment,” added Dr. McIlroy.

The Strength of Mind team forms a partnership with each patient in the journey to regaining quality of life.  Their goal is to restore health and help each patient rediscover a life free from depression.

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