Termites Are on Their Pest Behavior

Mother Nature’s offers a comprehensive package for termite elimination and more.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Other | Issue: March 2014

Mother Nature’s spokesperson Shelia Disler says, “We’ve been family owned and operated for 37 years and are number one in Oklahoma for installing and monitoring Sentricon termite ­elimination systems.”

Mother Nature’s spokesperson Shelia Disler says, “We’ve been family owned and operated for 37 years and are number one in Oklahoma for installing and monitoring Sentricon termite ­elimination systems.”

When spring rolls around each year and you’re thinking termites, the first company that probably comes to mind is Mother Nature’s Pest Control. Founded 37 years ago, Mother Nature’s is the state’s leading Sentricon ­termite installation and ­monitoring company. But did you know that Mother Nature’s does much more than exterminate termites?
    Spokesperson Shelia Disler outlined the ­company’s four departments, each possessing skilled ­technicians who are trained specialists in their respective fields. The first group is the company’s Sentricon/Termite Department. “About three years ago, Sentricon ­introduced a new HD ­Always-Baited Formulation that is probably the greatest improvement ever in the fight against termites,” said Shelia. “With the new system, ­customers get two-and-a-half times the punch they ­previously had with the ­original Sentricon system.” The foundation of the system is the rosin-based cellulose bait. Termites are attracted to it and carry it back to ­underground colonies, where it is regurgitated and eaten by other members of the colony, eventually eliminating the colony’s population, including the queen. The system is eco-friendly and ensures peace of mind to homeowners as it wipes out termites.   Mother Nature's also provides mold and fungus treatments, as well as moisture barriers to guard against excessive moisture and stop wood rot.
    The second specialty department is Pest Control. You may not realize that Mother Nature’s not only does termite colony elimination, but they also provide services for any indoor and outdoor pest that comes calling. If you’re ever “bugged” by crickets, bedbugs, ants, mosquitoes, spiders, fleas and ticks, Japanese beetles and other chewing insects, contact Mother Nature’s for a free assessment and estimate to treat and eliminate the problem. They even have a team specializing in nuisance wildlife trapping and removal.
    Mother Nature’s also has a Lawn Care Department.
Department Manager Tom Sevitts says the department’s basic service is to feed desirable grasses and control weeds. “We also have a new Tree & Shrub Service this year,” said Tom. The lawn technician applies fungicides and provides feedings in the spring and fall. Four times per year they provide applications for insect and disease control. The Lawn Care department cares for lawns and ornamental trees and shrubs up to 20 feet in height. They also offer ­effective mole and gopher control services plus aeration and grub ­control.
    Another area of experts is their Insulation Department. “Our insulating material provides energy savings by keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer,” said Shelia. “Additionally, it kills all insects that come in contact with it. Insects won’t build up a tolerance to this insulation. There is never a need to retreat the insulation.” The product contains all-natural ingredients and controls ants, centipedes, silverfish, termites, and all pests listed on the EPA label.
    “All of our specialists are professionally trained, skilled and licensed. Our employees have been background checked and will always come to your home or business in a Mother Nature’s uniform,” said Shelia. 

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