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Renaissance Dental of Owasso is a general and cosmetic practice that serves the whole family.

By: Joshua Danker-Dake | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: October 2009

Dr. Michael Sanchez has been practicing ­dentistry for 12 years and emphasizes ­customer service at Renaissance Dental.

Renaissance Dental of Owasso is a general and cosmetic practice that serves the whole family. “What makes our office special is our committment to providing our patients with great care in a comfortable environment,” says Renaissance Dental’s Dr. Michael Sanchez, who has been practicing dentistry for 12 years. “We spend the extra time with people. We sit down with our patients and listen to their wants and needs, so we can serve them in the best way possible.”

This focus on customer care carries over to the dental work itself. “Many people are nervous about getting shots,” says Dr. Sanchez. “But we get a lot of compliments on how comfortable and painless we make it. One of our goals is to help our patients get the treatment they need without being afraid or anxious of being in pain. We have a wonderful staff who takes pride in treating every patient with the special care they deserve."

Renaissance Dental places an emphasis on preventative dentistry. “We help people keep their teeth and gums healthy. We want you to have your teeth in good shape for the rest of your life,” says Dr. Sanchez.

Renaissance Dental also offers a wide selection of cosmetic dental services. “People spend a great deal of time and money on their hair and makeup and so forth, but they often neglect their teeth, which are so key to your appearance,” says Dr. Sanchez.

There is the very popular Invisalign, a removable clear alternative to metal braces. “Invisalign is an exciting new technology and is great for adults who want straighter teeth without wearing traditional braces,” says Dr. Sanchez. “More and more adults are recognizing the benefits of having straight teeth and a more attractive smile. And your teeth and gums are healthier when your teeth are straight.”

Another smile-improving product is porcelain veneers. “These are great because they can drastically change someone’s appearance in just one appointment,” says Dr. Sanchez. “We offer traditional veneers, as well as Lumineers, which involves little to no tooth removal.” Renaissance Dental offers whitening services such as in-office (one hour) whitening, take-home whitening trays, and the Deep Bleaching Whitening System for the tough-to-whiten teeth.

“We also help people who grind or clench their teeth,” emphasized Dr. Sanchez. “People who grind their teeth are at a risk of chipping or breaking their teeth, as well as getting tension headaches, sore jaws and TMJ problems. Fortunately, we offer a simple device to alleviate these problems."

Implants are becoming more popular day by day and are the gold standard for replacing missing teeth. Dr. Sanchez works very closely with a specialist to achieve an optimal result when it comes to placing and restoring implants. "It's almost like having your natural teeth again," says Dr. Sanchez.

If you are looking to maintain your oral health, looking to improve your oral health, or wanting a fresh and new smile, Renaissance Dental is the place for you. "We will take great care of you and your family," Dr. Sanchez says.    

Renaissance Dental offers no-interest financing and accepts most kinds of dental insurance. To make an appointment or for more information, including an extensive list of services, visit Renaissance Dental on the web at www.owassosmiles.com

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