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Terri Musser, owner of Simply Scrapbooks in Claremore, and Melissa Goodman, owner of ScrapHappy’s in Tulsa, challenge scrapbookers to get organized.

By: Value News | Category: Other | Issue: January 2008

Melissa Goodman, owner of ScrapHappy’s, and Terri Musser, owner of Simply Scrapbooks, invite scrapbookers of all levels to partake in the Get Organized Challenge.

Perhaps it included a champagne toast or a midnight kiss.  However it was celebrated, December 31 brought the start of a new year. And, if you are like many Americans, you have or will soon draw up your New Year’s resolutions. “I need to get to the gym.” “I need to stop smoking.” “It would be great to be debt-free.” Instead of falling back into these redundant resolutions, why not try getting organized in 2008? Terri Musser, owner of Simply Scrapbooks in Claremore, and Melissa Goodman, owner of ScrapHappy’s in Tulsa, challenge scrapbookers to get organized.

Many people want to organize their scrapbooking and paper arts materials but do not know where to start. Musser and Goodman are stepping in and asking their customers to take the 2008 Get Organized Challenge. Both Simply Scrapbooks and ScrapHappy’s will offer five newsletters in January, and each will cover a different aspect of organization. All customers have to do is join the weekly e-mail lists on both or either store’s website to receive the weekly download. The websites, www.simplyscrapbooksok.com and www.scraphappys.com, will also have the newsletters posted.

The Get Organized Challenge could not come at a better time. With the winter weather at its peak, Musser encourages people to spend more time with themselves doing the things they enjoy. “Spend some time inside and organize your family’s memories,” she says. “It’s important to do something for yourself.”

Week one of the Get Organized Challenge will be an overview of scrapbook and paper arts organization. Helpful information will be given on how to start the daunting task of putting all materials into designated places. Week two will cover the basic tools and supplies needed in scrapbooking, as well as how to organize photos to make them easily accessible. Paper will be covered during the week three newsletter. Sizes, shapes, colors, patterns and more will be discussed, as well as how it can be stored. During week four, the Get Organized Challenge will address embellishments. Scrapbookers can learn how to sort their decorative pieces, such as buttons, stickers, brads and more. Finally, week five will wrap up the challenge with advice on how to pack for a crop. A chance to scrapbook with friends at Simply Scrapbooks, ScrapHappy’s or anywhere else away from the normal scrapbooking space, a cropping session can be a fun change of pace.

Also named each week will be one favorite organizational item associated with the newsletter’s theme. In their years of scrapbooking experience, Musser and Goodman have decided on a few of their favorite items. Some include the Pull-Ez Ribbon Purse, Creative Options’ File Tub, which can fit 12” x 12” albums and other project materials, Clip It Up, Cropper Hopper Embellishment Organizer, as well as Cropper Hopper Paper File. Scrapbookers must read the newsletters to find out what the favorite item of the week is.

Both Simply Scrapbooks and ScrapHappy’s will offer contests and prizes throughout the Get Organized Challenge to make it more fun. Each week, customers will be asked to submit their best pictures of their scrapbooking spaces before and after being organized. Customers can either e-mail their submissions in or drop them by the stores. One winner will be chosen from each store and awarded the favorite organizational item of the week. Different gifts will also be available each week on all organization supply purchases.

What are you waiting for? Get yourself and your family’s memories organized in 2008. For additional information and help on your latest scrapbooking project, stop by Simply Scrapbooks in Claremore and ScrapHappy’s in Tulsa.

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