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Embarrassed for people to see your garage?

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: November 2008

John Brawley, owner of Garage Makeovers L.L.C., has worked in the garage service business for over 35 years and can transform your garage into a space to be proud of.

Embarrassed for people to see your garage? John Brawley began his company, Garage Makeovers L.L.C., because he saw a need for garage makeovers. Employed in the garage service business for more than 35 years, Brawley found that he was constantly asked, “Do you know anyone I can hire to come in and straighten up my messy garage?” Brawley decided that the answer was obvious, and his business became a reality two years ago.

Looking back, one can see an evolution in garages. They began as a one-car variety with a single door, usually a slider or tilt-up style. Interiors were unfinished, and the wood framing of the walls and ceiling were exposed. Over the years, attic storage areas became accessible with wall ladders or pull-down ceiling doors with folding ladders. Then the two-car garage came along. Most new homes built today boast three-car garages to accommodate all of our vehicles, toys, hobbies, yard tools and junk. According to Brawley, about 80 percent of his customers enter their homes via the garage.

Garage Makeovers specializes in satisfying the basic need of cleaning out and organizing garages for homeowners. “When I am asked to clean out a garage and haul off the junk, I ask the client to first oversee the sorting of items into three piles,” says Brawley. “A keep pile, a throw-out pile and a donate pile.”

In addition to clearing out garages and ridding them of unnecessary junk, Brawley assists clients with solutions for storage, work areas and the general organization of their garages. He has selections of modern storage cabinets and shelving, as well as workshop items including bench tops, drawers, bins, and framed pegboards. One brilliantly designed product he offers has the flexibility to store anything from bicycles and yard tools to fishing rods. Brawley also carries and installs rubber flooring made expressly for garages. The products are sold in their knocked-down-for-delivery format so that the do-it-yourselfer can perform the assembly and installation. Or, Garage Makeovers will do the entire process for you.

Garage Makeovers is the northeastern Oklahoma distributor for Garage Storage Cabinets, an Oklahoma-made product that John Brawley says is “an unbeatable value.”

Garage Makeovers is the northeastern Oklahoma distributor for Garage Storage Cabinets, an Oklahoma product that ensures organized efficiency and versatile hobby space. Only quality furniture-grade M2 IPB is used in the construction of these cabinets. This isn’t the particleboard you find at home centers, but the really tough stuff weighing in at 42 pounds per cubic foot. Euro-style hinges have six-way adjustability, ensuring that doors hang straight and close properly.

Garage Storage Cabinets mount to the wall using exclusive DuraRail steel mounting fixtures. Once a cabinet is mounted, it never comes down unless you want it to. The cabinets are also positioned off of the floor to make it easy to clean underneath and to keep them away from potentially damaging water and pests. According to Brawley, “These modular design systems give you great flexibility in creating the garage of your dreams, and they are priced far below custom carpentry. In my opinion, they are an unbeatable value.”

Garage Makeovers also replaces or rebuilds garage door openings to accommodate modern garage doors. Plus, they sell and install garage door openers.

Visit online at www.garagestoragecabinets.com for an idea of the products and solutions available to make your garage much more than just a garage. Who knows? You may be so proud of your garage you’ll want set up a table in there to serve your holiday dinner guests. Estimates are free, so give John Brawley a call.

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