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Advance Imaging provides MRIs and other imaging services right in the heart of Claremore.

By: Susan Erler | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: March 2013

Business Development Director Peggy Trease, Radiologic Technologist Barbara Ginn, and Director of Marketing Joel Derington.

Business Development Director Peggy Trease, Radiologic Technologist Barbara Ginn, and Director of Marketing Joel Derington.

They are your neighbors, their children attend school with yours, they shop at the same places you do – they are the ­radiologists and staff at Advance Imaging. Located at 1110 W. Will Rogers Blvd. in Claremore, Advance Imaging is a business heavily invested in the Claremore community.

    Staff is comprised of ­long-time Claremore residents who believe in providing the very best care to their local community. They serve on the Claremore Chamber Board of Directors and support other local business, even purchasing three new ­vehicles for the center from a Claremore car dealership. “We don’t just say that we support our community,” says Peggy Trease, business development director. “We show our support in everything we do, every day.”

    Serving the Rogers County and northeast Oklahoma area, Advance Imaging prides itself on providing excellent patient care. Small conveniences such as being able to pull right up to the front door combined with the  convenient location and one-on-one patient care all unite to give their patients an experience that is second to none.

    “There are several really important aspects that our ­facility brings to local residents,” states Joel Derington, director of marketing. “We can get patients seen in days instead of weeks, which allows them to be ­diagnosed that much faster. The sooner you have images taken, the sooner you are diagnosed, the sooner you are on the way to recovery, and that makes all the difference. We can shave off weeks or months that people have to endure pain just because we make it easier to get testing scheduled.”

    Advance Imaging offers many different types of ­treatments and radiology options. One machine they are extremely proud of is their

High Field MRI. High Field Imaging is so advanced ­compared to other types of ­imaging that Joel describes it as the difference between today’s high-definition television and black and white television of the 50s. A High Field Image is five times more advanced than other forms of imaging, giving the ­doctor an image that is clearer, easier to read and has much more detail.

    Advance Imaging is also one of the few places that offer ­sedation during your visit. “This allows our patients who may be extremely claustrophobic or our pediatric patients to have an MRI or other treatment while they are sedated so they can be treated more comfortably,” explains Peggy.

    Both Peggy and Joel ­emphasize that everyone needs to know that they have the right to ask their physicians about ­utilizing Advance Imaging. For many patients, this is a terrific alternative to having to drive to Tulsa, dealing with traffic and sparse parking. Peggy encourages patients who need imaging or any of the other many ­procedures they offer in their Claremore location to be ­proactive in letting their physician know where they prefer to have tests done. “I always tell patients that you have the right to choose your health care options and you always need to be your own advocate for your health care.” Take control of your own health care and ask for Advance Imaging the next time you need imaging.

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