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By: Deanna Rebro | Category: Professional Services | Issue: October 2013

Bill Smith can solve your air quality problems and save you money in the long term.

Bill Smith can solve your air quality problems and save you money in the long term.

Uneven temperatures throughout your home? It’s a common mystery to many homeowners, so they just live with it and continue to pay high heating and cooling bills for areas that are not properly climate controlled.  

    But it does not have to be that way. Bill Smith of Superior Air Duct Coating & Cleaning understands why this happens and what can be done to correct it. According to Bill, in time, metal ductwork in the floors of older homes is prone to rusting. As a house moves, the rusted spots crack and mildew, mold and fungus get into the ducts while warm or cool air gets out. The area in disrepair has a noticeably different and often uncomfortable ­temperature.

    The solution lies in a one and only EPA-registered air duct sealant that sticks to the holes in the ducts to create an even air flow through the ­system. The rubbery ­substance resists any future house movement so cracks cannot reappear.

    Providing superior air quality while saving people money in the long term is what Bill does best. The native Tulsan has spent more than 22 years in the air duct business. Earlier this year he launched Superior Air Duct Coating & Cleaning with business partner Adan Vasquez.

    “I’ve seen what processes work and don’t work in this business. I want to offer ­solutions that are once and for all, so the same problem does not recur,” he explains. Many homeowners and business owners ask him what can be done to improve the air ­quality they breathe. Thoroughly cleaning the ducts and coating them is the answer.

    The process begins with a free video inspection. A tiny specialized camera makes its way through the ducts to determine their condition. Rust spots, blockages or ­collapsed sections are quickly identified, as well as the ­contaminants that have ­accumulated over time. The customer can watch the ­procedure on screen with the technician so he or she can see exactly what is causing the problem.

    As part of Superior’s 8-point process, necessary repairs are made and the ducts are thoroughly cleaned and then coated with a patented product that literally adds years to air systems, as they no longer have to work as hard. The customer saves on monthly heating and cooling bills, and the air remains clean. There are no more buildups to cause health ­concerns.

    “This really sets us apart from anyone else,” Bill says. “We have the strongest warranty available – 25 years – and the warranty is ­transferrable.” If a ­homeowner decides to sell, the new buyer can be ­reassigned to the remaining warranted period.

    All the work is done by Superior employees, with a certified air duct technician on every job. They drive ­company vehicles to each job and wear company uniforms with their names. Video recordings of work processes can be emailed to the ­customer for later inspection.

    Later this year Superior will become the first local company to introduce robotic service for commercial ­customers. A 17x15x12-inch remote-controlled robot will deliver and apply sealant in these larger ducts. National franchises are also in the works. “We’re proud to have our beginnings right here in Tulsa,” says Bill.

    Superior Air Duct Coating & Cleaning is Better Business Bureau approved. For a free video inspection, call (918) 576-6650. All major credit cards are accepted.

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