Super, Specialized Auto Service

Superwrench goes beyond typical with their automobile service niche.

By: Eddie Stephens | Category: Automotive | Issue: February 2007

Owner/Operator, Kevin Medlin

Su•per. A prefix indicating: 1. Superiority in quality. Superwrench. A far from typical automotive repair shop (with a cool logo as well).

Superwrench Import Auto Specialist began in 1977. Since then, they have developed a reputation for being Tulsa’s premiere auto service and repair facility.

Kevin Medlin owns and operates this award winning business and is quick to explain their repair industry niche, “Our biggest claim to fame is focusing our expertise on certain makes and models.”

Superwrench specializes in the Asian automobile market. Nissan, Toyota, Lexus and Infinity repair occupies most of their attention.

“We have a reason for specializing,” Medlin notes. “For example, like a personal illness may require a specialist, so do specific auto makes and models.

Today’s engines are complex. These complexities are best approached by those with specific training.”

Medlin knows many of today’s complicated engines are computer controlled and full of intricate technology. This should not overwhelm most repair technicians, but avoid the risk of trusting someone who may not have the right tools and training.

“Why take your expensive automobile to someone who is not familiar with your make of car or who specializes in selling tires or batteries?” asks Medlin. If they are unfamiliar with your particular make or model, it makes sense they could be unfamiliar with how to service it.”

Superwrench focuses their expertise. This assures you of integrity and value on each repair.

Their technicians are factory trained and ASE certified on each make and model they service. This qualifies each diagnosis and the work that follows, letting you know your auto is in good hands.

“Our technicians are aware of the need to stay current with the industry’s changing technology,” says Medlin.

He reminds clients of the need to remain up-to-date with their automobile’s needs, “We try to teach the importance of maintenance as opposed to repair because playing catch-up is costly.”

This might sound strange coming from a repair specialist. Even though car repair is what they do, he recommends maintenance. After all it is less expensive than costly repairs tend to be.

Superwrench assists with the maintenance issue. Part of their honest approach entails giving advance notice on upcoming repairs so you can plan and give them attention before they become expensive.

Medlin emphasizes that proper maintenance increases the life of your automobile, “In today’s economy many choose to keep a vehicle longer, thus maintenance is essential.”

Superwrench offers a schedule for maintaining the autos they service. The schedule includes oil and filter, system checks, inspections, specific service for tires, brakes and transmission and much more dependent upon mileage.

They have low overhead, a convenient location and extremely competitive prices. Complimentary shuttle service is available locally and their website provides another means to schedule service appointments and offers discount coupons.

Hours of operation are 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. They are located on 60th Place just east of Garnett.

Discover what Tulsans have known for nearly 30 years. Superwrench is a far from typical automotive repair facility (with a memorable logo too).

For more information, contact


11321 E. 60th Pl., South, Tulsa, OK 74146
(918) 250-0353

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Superwrench Import Auto Specialists

For more information, contact:

Superwrench Import Auto Specialists

11321 E. 60th Pl. South | Green Country, OK

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