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Summer Glow

Golden Tan celebrates 12 years in serving Broken Arrow.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: July 2007

Andrea, an associate at Golden Tan, prepares the high-pressure Ultrabronz tanning bed for her next customer.

July marks the 12th anniversary of Golden Tan, L.L.C., located in Broken Arrow. The establishment has been south of the 121st and South Elm Place intersection long before the area began developing commercially. A high-end tanning operation, Golden Tan attracts people of all kinds.

When asked what makes men feel comfortable enough to visit her location, owner Cheryl McIntyre says, “I think it’s because we don’t have the ‘beauty thing’ going on here. We are a high-end tanning operation that focuses exclusively on tanning. Everyone just seems to fit in and feel comfortable here.” In honor of its anniversary, Golden Tan is featuring discounted services throughout July.

Golden Tan has a total of seven tanning beds, each of which as a built-in facial tanner. Four are the high-pressure Ultrabronz beds; two are Very High Reflective, referred to as VHR, beds; and the last is a traditional tanning bed. Eyewear is required for each tanning session and is furnished by Golden Tan. Traditional goggles, as well as disposable eyewear, are available to prevent severe burns and long-term eye injuries that can be caused by failure to use eye protection. Cleanliness and sanitation are paramount at Golden Tan. McIntyre says she is slightly obsessive about keeping her store clean. Goggles are always sterilized after each use to prevent the growth of bacteria. Customers feel comfortable and assured that they are getting excellent service in a clean environment.

Because moist skin tans best, special tanning lotions are recommended for indoor tanning. Specially formulated to maximize the skin’s absorption of ultraviolet light and retain moisture, indoor lotions are significantly different from outdoor lotions and oils. According to the International Smart Tan Network, nutrients are fed to the skin when using indoor lotions, encouraging the tanning process. The result is a darker tan that is achieved in fewer tanning visits, resulting in a savings of both time and money. Associates are on duty at Golden Tan to recommend the lotion that may be best for you and your skin type.

The International Smart Network also provides information about bodies and vitamin D. The older we get, the less efficient our bodies are at making vitamin D. Unlike other vitamins, D is not frequently found in foods unless specially added. We rely mostly on the sun to provide it for our bodies. While dark skin protects vitamin B, it can lead to a vitamin D deficiency. The advantage of light skin is that it does not block sunlight as effectively, leading to increased production of vitamin D, necessary for calcium absorption and bone growth. The result is the need for darker-skinned to be exposed to ultraviolet rays for a longer period of time to acquire a sufficient amount of vitamin D.

According to the Ultrabronz line of tanning products, tanning indoors provides the benefit of knowing what combinations of ultraviolet A and B rays are best for each client’s individual needs. The need of having to personally assess outdoor conditions is eliminated. McIntyre says, “You never want to sunburn.” Whenever tanning, indoors or outdoors, play it smart. Protect yourself by limiting your exposure to ultraviolet rays. Ask the Golden Tan associate on duty what the recommended exposure limits are for your skin type. Both age and exposure time are important in preventing burning.

For more information, contact

Golden Tan

6505 S. Elm Place, Broken Arrow, OK 74011
(Just south of 121st & Elm Streets on SE corner)
(918) 451-4653

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Golden Tan

For more information, contact:

Golden Tan

121 St. South & Elm Place | Broken Arrow, OK

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