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Sasha Martin’s Global Table Adventure website ­chronicles her family’s goal to cook a full meal from every country in the world.

By: Value News | Category: Special Interest | Issue: August 2011

Sasha Martin with her husband Keith and daughter Ava.

Sasha Martin with her husband Keith and daughter Ava.

Imagine if all of humanity could sit together around a Global Table; if we could create peace, one bite at a time? My name is Sasha Martin and I believe it is possible.

On February 3, 2010, I launched Global Table Adventure, the first web site to cook a full meal for every ­country in the world from A to Z. Each week myself, my picky husband, and my daughter explore a new country, learning about the food and culture – all from Tulsa, Oklahoma – in the center of our fast-food nation. My approach is family-friendly, fun, and educational. My goal is to cook global, shop local. Like many families across America, I am challenged by my husband’s picky tendencies and my daughter’s young, developing palate.

Already, a third of the way through the project, my husband is a new man. When we first met he had never had fresh spinach and he didn’t know what an ­eggplant was. Today he enjoys both, albeit sparingly. We’ll keep working on him. As for my daughter, she began solids with this Adventure and will have ­eaten something from every country in the world before she turns five. As for myself, I’ve learned that – even in the middle of middle America – I can enjoy the international flavors I once enjoyed in my travels thanks to a surprising bounty of local shops and international markets.

Given the current political climate, our nation is ready for a positive look at what brings the world together: food. And I don’t mean the fussy dishes no one has time to prepare. I mean the ones mothers make all over the world with a toddler hanging on their shirt. I am interested in bringing a positive message to readers across America and would love to share some of our escapades (like the time a Bulgarian book salesman knocked on my door a week before I was to cook Bulgaria), our favorite recipes (like the crowd-pleasing Caribbean Tres Leches Cake), tales of our biggest flops (like my ongoing battle to make even one successful dish with yucca), and my increasingly ridiculous efforts to keep my daughter from being picky (she’s almost two – need I say more?).

If you would like to speak to me about our journey, you can reach me at eat0@eau0eav0eaw0. Also, I invite you to browse through for a first-hand look at the ­project. I started this project because we create peace when we learn about each other, when we understand one another.


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