Storm Damage Deadline Approaching

Most insurance companies allow customers to file a claim for storm damages up to one year from the date the damages occurred.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Other | Issue: February 2009

Power Roofing & Exteriors co-owner Tim Burns is ready to assist customers in filing insurance claims for 2008 storm damages. His Bixby warehouse is of full shingles and roofing materials so roof replacement can begin immediately following the approval of your claim.

Most insurance companies allow customers to file a claim for storm damages up to one year from the date the damages occurred. This means that if you have not yet filed a claim with your insurance company for roof damages incurred in the April, 2008 storms, you are quickly running out of time. Many homes also sustained damages during subsequent Oklahoma storms in May and June of 2008, and the deadlines for filing for those storms will be here before you know it as well. In total, more than 35,000 Oklahoma homes were reported to be damaged from storms last year.

“Power Roofing was built on a solid foundation of integrity,” says co-owner Tim Burns. The company specializes in assisting customers with filing their claims for the replacement of roofs, siding and gutters that have been damaged or destroyed by hail or winds. A Power Roofing inspector will inspect your home at no charge to see if damages were sustained and will then assist you throughout the four-step filing process with your insurance company.  

The first step in the process is to notify your insurance company of suspected damage to your home and the date of the storm that did the damage.

Step two is to provide your insurance company with the name of the inspector from Power Roofing who has been to your home and inspected the property for hail or wind damage.

During the third step, your insurance company representative will assign a claim number to you. Be sure to make a record of this claim number. Also, get the name and phone number of the adjustor who will be contacting you for an appointment to inspect your property.

Step four: Alert your insurance company that you would like the Power Roofing representative to be present during their adjustment inspection. You should provide your Power Roofing representative’s cell phone number to the insurance representative at this time and ask that they contact him directly to schedule a meeting time to inspect your home. An adjustor is generally assigned to your claim within just a few days, and you have the right to know when he is coming to your home and to ask that the appointment be coordinated through your Power Roofing representative.

If your home has already been inspected and you were told that there were no apparent damages, you have the right to have it re-inspected. This is definitely recommended if all your neighbors have received new roofs from damages during the 2008 storms.

Many people believe they need to have three estimates, but Burns explains that this is unnecessary. "Some people believe that by having three estimates, they will somehow save money for themselves or their insurance company," says Burns. "We at Power Roofing implement the same estimating programs that most insurance adjustors use. We take the guesswork out of pricing."    

“If you feel you had slight damage during last year’s storms but don’t want to have the work done now, or if you decide that you really don’t think you need a new roof at all and can just pocket the money, think again,” advises Burns. If you receive damage in a future storm and have put off doing the repairs for which you were awarded a settlement, you may find that your shingle manufacturer has voided its warranty. If you have been awarded a settlement for a storm-damaged roof, chose not to have the roof repaired, and then decided to sell your home, you must disclose the damages that were inflicted to the home.

Let the Power Roofing experts guide you throughout the entire process from inspection to replacement. If it has been determined that you have had roof or other storm-related damages, have them repaired.

Call Power Roofing today to arrange for a free inspection to assess suspected damage.  You know what they say – better safe than sorry. And don’t forget the April deadline for filing 2008 storm damage claims with your insurance company.

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