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Remodeling Xpert knows what they do best.

By: Eddie Stephens | Category: Other | Issue: October 2006

Company President, Jim Miller brings 50 years of experience to your projects.

Call it a niche, or better yet, call it a specialty. Remodeling Xpert knows what they do best.

Jim Miller, President of this enterprise, along with his wife and business partner, Marilyn, proudly acknowledges the importance of their 50 years of combined expertise. “We put our specialized focus and experience into remodeling,” he states.

Homeowners dream about enhancing their living environment through an addition or upgrading an out-of-date kitchen or bathroom.  Miller sees their company’s role as making those remodeling dreams come true.

Since he was a teenager, Miller has gained experience and education in the design and building craft. This ongoing process has further sharpened his leadership, assuring a job well done that’s tailor made to a client’s desires.

Remodeling Xpert uses CAD programs to design envisioned project plans. “It’s often challenging to adequately see a room’s redesign before the work begins,” Miller says.

Many people are visual and it is therefore helpful to see a room as it may actually look once the design project is completed. Through the business’s viewable computer technology, a customer may come in and see a 3-D image of the projected job.

Miller offers, “As the customer chooses we can place furniture images in various room locations. This affirms the saying – ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.”

Another essential aspect of the Millers’ expertise is their ability to accurately survey the project’s space. “If a customer wants a particular feature added or removed from a room, we discuss it and are equipped to show the reworked space with its new dimensions, plus the practicality of making the change,” he explains.

The company addresses various issues facing homeowners desiring remodeling. By surveying a project, they can recommend improvements such as removing fixed features to open up an existing area.

According to Miller, this by-design approach is necessary with each project. He says, “For example, when reworking a kitchen, it’s vital to know who will be the primary cook so his or her likes and dislikes can be factored into the equation.”

Their planning must also anticipate other issues that might have an impact on the overall project.  In doing this, they consider everything from the type and size of appliances to any other fixtures which might be incorporated into the redesigned space with which they are working.

Another benefit of Remodeling Xpert’s extraordinary service is their project scope. Miller affirms, “When we’re hired for a project, we do everything from planning to cabinetry.”

The company takes a one-source approach to their contracted responsibilities. Miller believes this eliminates the headaches often associated with related projects.

They are the only company in the Tulsa area belonging to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. Their ongoing commitment to training includes being Master Certified in kitchen and bath design.

The Miller’s encourage potential clients to make an appointment. On-site follow-up with each homeowner includes surveying the job and discussing the unique desires of each.  

Once the project scope is outlined, clients are invited to the business’s office to review images and schematic diagrams on a computer. When clients approve a design plan, the job begins.

Remodeling Xpert maintains a clear focus on what they do best. Their name is their expertise and they’re equipped to make your remodeling dreams come true.

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