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Staying Fit & Changing Lives

If you are looking to start your own fitness journey or stay in top condition, Owasso Fitness Zone is here to assist ‘every body’.

By: Lorrie Jackson | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: February 2007

Firefighters with Paul Gatton, owner, (L to R): David Hurst, Shane McNichol, Bruce Kelly, Paul Gatton, Joe Wakely, Shane Atwell and Eric Gomez

If you drive by Owasso Fitness Zone these days, you are likely to see a fire truck or two sitting in the parking lot. Not to worry. It is just your local Owasso firefighters using their time to stay in top condition to better keep the local citizens safe.

“Unless we are too busy with emergencies, we try to come in once every shift,” says Owasso Firefighter, Shane McNichol. In addition, Owasso’s newly hired recruits are starting off right, visiting Owasso Fitness Zone often in order to stay lean and strong for any emergency that might arise in the Owasso area. Lead recruit instructor, Captain Kris DeMauro of the Owasso Fire Department states, “The one thing that Owasso Fitness Zone has that no Owasso fitness facility offers is Paul Gatton. Paul gives you the personal touch, helps you meet your fitness goal and meets you at the door with a smile and a greeting every time.”

Paul Gatton, who owns Owasso Fitness Zone with brothers Daniel and Steve, has long had a great relationship with Owasso firefighters and emergency medical technicians and has encouraged them in their endeavors. It is just one part of his effort to contribute to the Owasso community by providing a “gym for every body” or a place where anyone of all ages, shapes and sizes can feel comfortable working out. To further this goal, he has recently added two new physical fitness specialists to his staff: Beverly Capps and Paula Garrigan.

When you look at Beverly Capps, you will see a woman who is in great shape, a winner of eight body-building awards including the 2005 Red River Classic Novice Heavyweight (1st place) and the Cave Man Classic Novice Heavy Weight (1st place). You would never guess that less than a decade ago, she was severely overweight. In 2001 however, she decided to change her life. “I had already started losing weight, and then I met Paul and he encouraged me to start working out,” Beverly relates. “It took a year to lose the weight, but I’ve kept it off, working out two to three times per week ever since.”

(L to R): Paula Garrigan, Beverly Capps, Paul Gatton and Kendra Hendren (with Jazzercise)

Beverly recently turned her focus to personal training, using her own experiences to help others. “I lost 100 pounds,” she says, “So I understand how to change your body.” Beverly concentrates on four components of fitness: cardiovascular fitness, strength, nutrition and flexibility. “Each one of these components is important to your physical health,” Beverly stresses. “You cannot leave any of them out.” She notes that when you follow these four components certain benefits are sure to follow, like controlled insulin levels, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and cardiovascular improvement. Fringe benefits also include weight loss, increased energy, flexibility and bone density, a better social life due to a better appearance and higher self-esteem. She also points out that exercise is an excellent tool for stress management since it boosts the immune system and increases endorphins, the chemicals most needed to combat depression.

Like Beverly, Paula Garrigan knows the benefits of exercise well. She has steadily worked out her entire adult life and believes that has helped her maintain her health and vitality. A few years ago, she joined Owasso Fitness Zone, and with each visit she found herself helping others with toning and flexibility issues. She began teaching stretching and toning classes, and then became certified as a personal trainer. Paula mainly focuses her attention on those aged 40 and above who want to maintain muscle tone and flexibility. “There’s no reason for anyone to use age as an excuse for not working out,” says Paula. “You can always change your situation. There are no hopeless cases.” As an example, Paula points to her 84 year old mother, Nina Forehand, who works out twice a week. “She comes to the stretch class and follows it with strength training. The rest of the class says she is so spry they have trouble keeping up with her!”

Both Beverly and Paula received their certification from the famed Cooper Institute in Dallas. Paul Gatton is glad to have added these fitness specialists to their staff. “We now have male and female trainers who can cater to anyone’s situation. Women can feel completely comfortable in co-existence with men here at Owasso Fitness Zone,” Paul notes. “Also, personal training rates at Owasso Fitness Zone are extremely competitive and include coaching in nutrition, cardiovascular and strength training. With our personal training, we actually get results,” Paul points out. “We have testimony after testimony to prove it.”

Are you ready to embark on your own fitness journey? If so, visit Owasso Fitness Zone at 8787, Unit E, Owasso Expressway for your free personal fitness evaluation.

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