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Rice Funeral Service & Cremation Center offers prearranged funeral ­services to help ease the burden on family members.

By: Cassie Woods | Category: Professional Services | Issue: September 2013

Kenny DeLozier and Gina Wilson of Rice Funeral Service & Cremation Center.

Kenny DeLozier and Gina Wilson of Rice Funeral Service & Cremation Center.

Rice Funeral Service & Cremation Center has a long legacy of providing high-quality service to Rogers County ­communities for nearly 70 years. In these modern times, prearranged funerals are ­becoming increasingly popular to help ease the burden on the family. “Simply put, ­prearranging is planning your own ­funeral, or the funeral of a loved one, in advance,” said Gina Wilson, Public Relations Director and Prearrangement Advisor. “You make the final decisions and coordinate the entire service down to the ­tiniest of details to ensure the family is as comfortable as ­possible.”

    Prearrangements consist of everything from determining the person’s choice of ­disposition, either traditional burial or ­cremation, as well as any ­merchandise selections, such as caskets, burial vaults and urns. It can even be as detailed in instruction as to the type of flowers and music to be utilized at the ­service. The goal at Rice Funeral Service & Cremation Center is to plan a ­totally personalized memorial tribute that uniquely reflects the life lived and involves the loved ones without added financial or ­emotional stress.

    Advance funeral planning is a way to control the cost of something that increases in price every year. Rice Funeral Service & Cremation Center makes it easy for people to plan, document and communicate their wishes to those who need to know and offers a variety of affordable funding plans.

    “From an economic ­standpoint, everyone should consider prearrangement,” said Kenny DeLozier, Managing Director. “The cost of a ­funeral, like everything else these days, will likely increase in the future. By prearranging your funeral now you can ­protect against price increases due to inflation and arrange the details you want to include in your service, which will give you peace of mind and ­eliminate the worry for your family. As parents, it is one of the last gifts we can give our children and family.”    

    The staff at Rice Funeral Service & Cremation Center believes it is important for individuals to plan ahead for funeral services to take steps to guarantee their families know how they wish to be remembered and that they won’t have to pay anything towards a loved one’s funeral costs. While the cost can vary from modest to extravagant depending on the family’s ­personal choices, pre-arrangements can be funded through Rice with a payment method that can grow to offset future price increases due to inflation. The value of an individual’s plan can grow for the rest of their life and it can offer ­protection against inflation while protecting assets for ­­­long-term care or illness. In most cases, surviving family will not have to pay any additional ­money for funeral services.

    “We are finding a lot of our families are not only ­dealing with the loss of a loved one, but the additional stress of a financial burden that was not prepared for on the hardest day of their life,” said Wilson. By prearranging, you can eliminate the emotional burden of ­funeral planning for your ­family.”

    Life insurance provides funds to cover your family’s ­living expenses after you die. Advanced funeral plans cover the cost of a prearranged ­funeral. The staff at Rice Funeral Service & Cremation Center believes in today’s ­economy, it is one of the best places to put money aside for something everyone will definitely need.

    Far too often people ­discover the benefits of advance funeral planning only after they have planned a funeral at the time of need. With emotions and stress it is a difficult time to make important decisions. Prearrangements allow families to make decisions together rather than doing it alone while eliminating emotional overspending and the ­emotional burden of funeral planning on families. It can also minimize potential conflicts among ­family members by recording specific wishes ahead of time.

    Any member of the Rice Funeral Service & Cremation Center staff can assist a customer with advance ­funeral planning. The firm offers an open house every third  Saturday of the month where staff members are ­available to answer questions in a relaxed home-like setting. The full-time prearrangement ­advisor on staff is also available to visit with a client at their home.   

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