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Dr. Day provides help for those with spinal-related disorders.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Other | Issue: January 2008

Dr. Craig Day, owner of Tulsa Back Institute, introduces spinal decompression therapy candidates with a video.

Dr. Craig Day, owner of Tulsa Back Institute, has been a chiropractor in Broken Arrow for over 25 years. Dr. Day provides help for those with spinal-related disorders. Spinal decompression therapy, a cutting-edge development in relieving severe or chronic lower back and neck pain, is now available at Tulsa Back Institute. The drug-free, non-surgical disc decompression process has helped many patients get back to their normal, active lives.

There are a number of reasons people develop severe or chronic back pain. Just a few problems include herniated or bulging discs, degenerative disc disease, sciatic leg pain, facet syndrome, post-surgical back pain, as well as foraminal stenosis. Dr. Day aims to relieve this pain with the DRX9000. Using this machine, spinal decompression therapy is given through a series of computer-controlled motion treatments. The result is gentle and painless decompression of the injured spinal discs.

In addition to treatment with the DRX9000, Dr. Day prescribes Decompression PLUS to maintain long-lasting relief. While the initial decompression treatment generally corrects spinal problems, Dr. Day recommends three to five weeks of rehabilitative treatment. During the physical therapy, exercises are performed that are specific to the individual’s needs. Special equipment is used at Tulsa Back Institute to focus on strengthening the core muscle groups, including the back, legs, abdominals and buttocks.

One of the post-treatment therapy devices used by Dr. Day is a vibration therapy that strengthens muscle groups around the decompressed vertebrae and discs. According to Dr. Day, the vibration plate has been used for years in sports medicine to strengthen and condition elite athletes. It has effectively restored damaged or atrophied muscles and is used by many major universities and professional sports programs.

Jeanne Alford, exercise assistant at Tulsa Back Institute, displays the vibration plate, a piece of equipment used in disc decompression PLUS.

After the three to five weeks of physical therapy, home exercises are recommended to maintain muscle strength and condition. “Decompression PLUS has shown long-term results where patients have gone a year or more without pain,” Dr. Day says.

Dr. Day is optimistic that patients who stay on home exercise programs will see even greater, longer-lasting results. “It’s just like dieting,” he says. “If you go back to your old eating and non-exercise habits, you’re going to put the weight back on.” He believes the same holds true with disc decompression treatment. “Once you’ve completed the program, you need to change your old habits and stay with the recommended exercise program,” Dr. Day adds.

In addition to its spinal decompression therapy, Tulsa Back Institute has seen excellent results in treating migraine headaches and knee problems. Both are treated with homeopathic remedies and acupuncture.

Are you still suffering from pain in the back or neck? Pursue all your options before committing to surgery. Schedule a complementary consultation today with Dr. Day at Tulsa Back Institute. Pain relief may be just a few treatments away. Call (918) 258-2225.

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