Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

Spring is the perfect time to start thinking of ways to perk up your home. Give the experts at Unique Renovations a call, and they can handle your project from design to completion faster than you may think.

By: Susan Erler | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: March 2011

Unique Renovations owner Josh Baker.

Unique Renovations owner Josh Baker.

Spring is the perfect time to start thinking of ways to perk up your home. Giving your bathroom or kitchen a new and updated look will not only add value to your home, but is a great way to add fun and excitement to your living spaces. But don’t try to tackle such an overwhelming task by yourself. Just give the experts at Unique Renovations a phone call, and they can handle your project from design to completion faster than you may think, and probably for less money than you may think.

Owner Josh Baker has been in the remodeling field for 14 years, long enough to have worked in all phases of construction projects. This expert experience allows him to help homeowners completely understand each step of their project from design to demolition to completion. This is just one way that Unique Renovations continually meets and exceeds customers’ expectations. “One of the most unique aspects of my business is that we have constant on-site supervision of my workers at all times,” explains Josh. “This allows customers to be able to continue with their daily schedule without worrying about their home or belongings. And, we spend the last 45 minutes of each work day cleaning up the job site and making sure the customer is never disappointed with how we have left their home.”

So far, this attention to detail and customer service seems to be working. With 95 percent of his business coming from referrals, Josh is proud to say that his company has been growing, even during this tough economic time. In fact, customers who would normally purchase new homes have been looking at remodeling or adding on to their existing home instead.

Unique Renovations is excited to add decorative concrete staining to their long list of expert professional design projects. “Staining concrete floors adds such a great dimension to your house on so many different levels,” says Josh. “It has a practical application, especially for those who have allergies or asthma. It cleans up easily and doesn’t collect dust like traditional wood floors or carpet. And it is beautiful. It can be considered a work of art in many ways.” Several of his clients have commented on the easy maintenance the stained concrete offers, and for those with indoor pets, Josh says you just can’t beat it for a sturdy yet beautiful floor.

Cost for this process is extremely reasonable too. Compared to traditional wood flooring or carpeting, having your concrete stained is usually less costly, leading a large number of homeowners to choose this as their flooring. “The process only takes four to five days total, including the free estimate all the way to conclusion,” states Josh. “And there are any number of surfaces that can be treated with this decorative material. We can create a new look for around your swimming pool, outdoor kitchen area or even your driveway. Each area can look completely transformed in just a matter of days.”

If this is the year for you to finally tackle that kitchen upgrade or bathroom renovation, Unique Renovations can help you get the designer home look at a fraction of the cost. Many homeowners put off the decision to remodel simply because the task can feel overwhelming. Josh will make this process easier than you ever thought, making you wonder why you waited. The process begins with a free estimate along with a consultation with the homeowner in order to get an idea of what they would like to see as a final product. After that, the home of your dreams will soon become a reality!

Why not make this the year you update and upgrade your home? Give the experts at Unique Renovations a call at (918) 809-7338 and see the ­difference.

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