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Consider giving James a call today to discuss your home maintenance requirements.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: April 2008

Rick James genuinely wants to help others with their home maintenance and remodeling projects.

Rick James is a third-generation tile layer.  He was taught the trade by his father and grandfather and is now passing it along to his two sons, who assist him in the family business.  James is also licensed in commercial heat and air.

James established Son Home Maintenance in October of 2007.  The business quickly blossomed into a provider of several products and services, including laying ceramic tile, landscaping, lawn care, tree removal and trimming, heat and air services, and providing custom-developed home maintenance programs for any homeowner. In addition, the company acquired the Rainhandler gutter distributorship for northeastern Oklahoma.

The foundation under the Son Home Maintenance umbrella is the company’s ceramic tile business.  They have a wide selection of products for ceramic tile and cobblestone patterns that will satisfy individual tastes.

James is a very personable fellow who makes you feel immediately comfortable in his presence.  He always wears a great, big smile.  James explains that he felt compelled to help others and that the home maintenance business was his calling to do so.  According to James, “I love doing quality work and genuinely enjoy helping others improve their home’s safety and appearance by delivering first class products and services.”

Rainhandler is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional guttering.

Additional services offered by Son Home Maintenance include changing or installing door locks, security equipment, air conditioning and heating filter installation. They can handle just about any other handyman project you can imagine, including complete bath and kitchen remodels.

The Rainhandler product, for which James is distributor, is not a “gutter” as we traditionally think of one, but a state-of-the-art system designed to disperse runoff rainwater from your home’s roof over a two- to three-foot-wide band of soft rain-sized droplets, which sprinkle the landscape.  The Rainhandler self-cleaning guttering system eliminates clogged, over-flowing gutters.  With the system, there are no more downspouts and therefore no more ground erosion.  And, perhaps best of all, the days of getting out a ladder and climbing onto the roof to clean the gutters can be forgotten.  The Rainhandler is an all-aluminum product that won’t rust and is virtually maintenance-free.

James says the Rainhandler is so easy to install that many homeowners elect to buy the product and install it themselves.  However, for those who want to have it installed, the Son Home Maintenance team will gladly oblige.  The product comes with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty.  

One of the company’s unique services is a home maintenance plan that is tailored specifically for clientele.  Many individuals opt to have someone else do the home maintenance tasks necessary for their homes to be efficient and safe. James will sit down with you to discuss exactly what it is you would like to have done, plan a schedule, and outline the cost to have his team come to your home and do the desired work.  A multitude of tasks may be performed: changing light bulbs,  cleaning out flowerbeds, updating landscaping, and mowing and edging the yard, to name a few. Consider giving James a call today to discuss your home maintenance requirements.

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