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By: Christopher Davis | Category: Other | Issue: March 2015

Marketing Director Sheila Disler and Commercial Sales Manager Chris McCarty.

Marketing Director Sheila Disler and Commercial Sales Manager Chris McCarty.

Spring is on the way. That means grilling, gardens and playing outdoors. But is your lawn and home ready for the warmer weather? Mother Nature’s Lawn Service wants to help you ensure your lawn is healthy and green and defended against pests.

There are several things to do before the temperatures rise. The checklist includes preparing grass, shrubs and trees with nutrients in anticipation of longer days. Also, defending against weeds and insects competing for sunshine and food designated for your landscape is a priority. Tom Sevitts, Lawn Division manager for Mother Nature’s in Tulsa, shares a few tips and tricks.
The time to fertilize depends on the type of grass you have. Different grasses need fertilizer when it’s warmer, while others do fine at moderate temperatures. Pre-emergent will fend off grassy weeds, like crab grass. Mother Nature’s lawn experts get the timing right and make sure your lawn achieves the deepest green possible. Aeration is another technique that can work magic for grass, especially for yards with lots of traffic from kids or pets. Loosening up the soil beneath the top layer allows for better air and water circulation, allowing for roots to thrive.
Some folks like to mow before their yard gets green. Whether it’s to tidy up the leaves or clean up after the dog, it is important not to mow the grass too short. “A late frost will set back the roots,” says Sevitts.  

Mother Nature’s also provides tree and shrub service. Annual or semi-annual feedings treatments help give your landscape the boost needed to stay strong and healthy.
There are lots of types of pests that attack lawns and home. Swarm season coincides with the warmer months. Mother Nature’s specializes in pest control. From grubs underneath your lawn to termites in your walls, they have a solution. “It can be difficult to spot termites before it’s too late,” says Marketing Director Sheila Disler. “Our technicians will take a close look and apply a treatment to defend against them.”

Sevitts adds that he gets calls from homeowners who complain of lagging lawns. Usually, he says, it has nothing to do with weeds or fertilizing. “If your lawn is slow to come in this spring, it’s likely due to insects,” he says. He recalls last year, the Tulsa area had a big problem with grubs and army worms.

Army worms look like fat, brown and green caterpillars, distinguished by a small, light-colored “Y” on their head. They get their name from the army-like fashion by which they move across fields, leaving in their wake tell-tale signs of damage. Better known to corn farmers, these insects wreak havoc on lawns and gardens because they have a quick life cycle. Within the span of about a month, army worms can grow from egg to larva to adult stage (resembling moths). They like to feed on grasses, oats, corn and barley, but they will not pass by gardens with lush vegetables, too.  

Family-owned Mother Nature’s has been in the pest control and lawn service business since 1979. With headquarters in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, they are the largest operation in the state. This year, stay a step ahead of spring – and the pests that come with the season. Call Mother Nature’s for a free inspection.

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