Spring Cleaning for Safety

Spring cleaning season is officially upon us.

By: Sheryl Sowell | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: March 2009

The Black Hat Cleaning Services family includes (L to R): Michael, Patience, Emory, Jeremiah, David C.R., David E. and Carmi.

Spring cleaning season is officially upon us. While most people clear out their closets and thoroughly scrub and dust their homes, many do not realize how important it is to clean other parts of the house, including their chimneys, air ducts and dryer vents.

Black Hat Cleaning Services is a family owned and operated business that has served the Tulsa metropolitan area for 31 years. They specialize in cleaning, repairing and replacing chimneys, air ducts and dryer vents, as well as removing insulation, extracting water from ductwork, and more. Founder David E. Harris co-owns the company with his two sons, David C.R. and Jeremiah. Two daughters, Patience and Michelle, operate Black Hat as well.

This year Black Hat marks its 29th appearance at the Greater Tulsa Home & Garden Show. The event will take place March 12 through 15 at the QuikTrip Center at Expo Square, located in Tulsa at 4145 E. 21st St. Be sure to stop by the Black Hat booth to get lots of useful information about chimney, air duct and dryer vent services, and to pick up free rubber duckies, bricks and reading material (while supplies last). They will also have a spinning wheel with opportunities to receive discounts on Black Hat services. The booth will be manned at all times by a Black Hat family member, and at least one of the owners will be on hand to answer questions.  

“There are three important spring cleaning tasks homeowners should be aware of – getting your chimney cleaned, your air ducts cleaned, and your dryer vent cleaned,” says David E.    

“It’s a great idea to take care of your chimney at the end of the burning season,” says David C.R. “If it’s cleaned in the spring, you’ll be ahead of the game and ready when winter comes.” According to the Black Hat team, a clean chimney is vital for the health and safety of your family. Ignoring your chimney could result in flue fires, improper ventilation, excessive moisture, and even worse, a home fire. The process also reveals if there is any structural damage. “Whether you have an old chimney or a new chimney, we can determine most defects that result in hazards,” says David E.  

Spring-cleaning your air ducts is also critical for safety. “The average six-room home circulates about 40 pounds of dirt and dust a year,” says David E. “These dirty materials circulate through your air ducts and vents and contaminate the air you breathe. If vents are dirty, dusty, clogged or contaminated, you may be susceptible to allergies and infection.” It is ideal to have your air ducts cleaned every three years or less. To get a complete quote for this service, simply count the number of vent openings in your home or business, then give Black Hat a call or swing by their booth at the Home & Garden Show.  

Homeowners have a tendency to neglect their dryer vent. “Most people clean out their lint filter and think that is it. But your dryer vent duct is where the lint can really build up and get clogged. This lint not only causes your dryer to use more energy, costing you more money, but it also is highly flammable,” says David C.R. Cleaning your dryer vent keeps it free from lint, debris and bird's nests that result in fires or your dryer not working properly. “We hear about a lot of people who go buy a new dryer because the one they have stops working, when really they just needed their dryer vents cleaned,” says Jeremiah.

Black Hat Cleaning Services has been locally, family owned and operated since 1977. Plan to visit them at the 2009 Greater Tulsa Home & Garden Show March 12 through 15 to find out more about spring cleaning your home for safety. 

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