Spring Brings Swarming Termites

Mother Nature’s Pest Control recommends the Sentricon HD System in the battle against termites.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Other | Issue: March 2013

Shelia Disler demonstrates the new HD Always-Baited ­Sentricon Trap that works like a “magic bullet” in eliminating termite colonies.

Shelia Disler demonstrates the new HD Always-Baited ­Sentricon Trap that works like a “magic bullet” in eliminating termite colonies.

It’s that time of year, so don’t be surprised when you see pesky termites swarming. These pests usually appear during the month of April and are a “red flag” that termites are in your area. They have also been known to swarm into the month of May in our area.

    Mother Nature’s Pest Control is still the number one Sentricon installation and ­monitoring company in the state of Oklahoma, and they’ve been eliminating termites since 1979. In a recent visit with Mother Nature’s spokesperson Shelia Disler, she revealed some ­interesting facts about termites. They are born for one mission: to eat, and this they do from birth until death. Termites inflict serious damage to homes in short order, and queens ­commonly live for 25 years and up to as many as 50 years.  

    “There is an average of five termite colonies per acre in our area,” said Sheila. Thousands of termites will swarm from these colonies each year, typically ­during daylight hours when it’s sunny and usually just after a rain. Every swarming termite is a potential king or queen, and the purpose of their swarming is for pairs to mate and return to the ground to form new colonies, where they immediately begin to reproduce. Although only three percent of the “swarmers” find mates, that’s still a lot of termites – and potential new colonies. Those that do not find mates die in just a few hours.  

    The original Sentricon System appeared in Oklahoma in 1995 when it gained state approval. It has been recognized as one of the best solutions to eliminating existing termite colonies and preventing future infestations.

    A couple of years ago Sentricon introduced its new HD Always-Baited System that may be the greatest improvement ever made in the fight against termites. “With the new HD System, you get two and a half times the punch you had with the original system,” said Shelia. “The rosin based ­cellulose and bait repels ­moisture while it provides ­protection. This is the foundation of the new HD System.” Since termites are always ­foraging, they are attracted to the bait and carry it back to underground colonies to be regurgitated, where it is then eaten by other members of the colony, in the very heart of where they live. As more and more bait is consumed, activity becomes less and less until the entire colony is eliminated. The Sentricon termite elimination system is eco-friendly and ­provides great peace of mind as it protects your home from ­termites.      

    Take Mother Nature’s ­experienced advice. Check their website or call direct for more information on the new Sentricon HD System, even if you already have the original Sentricon System.

    Shelia says it’s good to ­periodically place some glue boards in dark areas of your home that are frequent havens for brown recluse (fiddle back) or black widow spiders. Good areas to set the traps are clothes closets, heater and hot water closets, and attics. And when you’re doing your spring gardening and planting, be sure to wear gloves and shoes. Both of these spiders love flowerbeds and areas where they can hide. You don’t want to be bitten by either.

    Mother Nature’s also ­provides total pest control for rats, squirrels, opossums, ­raccoons, armadillos, pigeons, skunks and more. If any of these pests have invaded your home or yard, contact Mother Nature’s Pest Control for a free estimate to trap and have them  removed from your property. In addition, the company provides lawn care services including weed control, fertilization, aeration, and flea and tick removal. One of their most popular services is their Energy Star rated “Pest Free” attic insulation.

    For year-round protection from termites and other pests, depend on Mother Nature’s Pest Control. Call or visit the website for more details on all their ­provided services and the ­benefits of each.

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