Sparkle for the Holidays

Carol Carter, owner of Maid With Integrity, doesn’t believe in cutting corners.

By: Deanna Rebro | Category: Other | Issue: November 2010

Carol Carter and her staff are ready to provide worry-free holiday cleaning for your home or business.

Carol Carter and her staff are ready to provide worry-free holiday cleaning for your home or business.

Carol Carter doesn’t believe in cutting corners – she gets into them, and digs out the dirt. Carol and her staff at Maid With Integrity are ready to take the worry out of cleaning to make certain any home or business sparkles for the holidays.
“A clean environment is so important,” she says, “whether at home or at work. You just feel better when everything around you is cleaned to perfection.”

That perfection is the way she and her staff handle all their work. “I hire only honest and reputable people who share my values,” says Carol. From a young girl pulling weeds on a farm to a corporate professional managing three-quarter of a billion dollars, to a business owner bringing clean to a new level among Tulsa cleaning services, Carol takes the same responsibility and pride in whatever she does.

Customers appreciate the fact that anyone in their home or office is a Maid With Integrity professional. All employees go through an extensive training program, and are bonded and insured after undergoing a background check. And they all share the work ethic and determination of the lady who went to night school to earn her bachelor’s and master’s degrees while raising two young children as a single mother.

“My customers trust us. They know that when they call us, they’ll get worry-free cleaning,” she adds. “Many tell us it is the best cleaning they have ever had.” All the little details that come standard with any work order make a big difference. Whether one time or a regular schedule, basic residential cleaning includes interior windows, blinds and ceiling fans, towel racks, wall decorations and switch plates. And they don’t just run a vacuum cleaner back and forth in front of furniture. They vacuum any upholstered pieces and use special equipment to suck the dirt from underneath sofas and large furnishings.     Kitchen and bath hard surfaces are cleaned and then treated with a hospital-strength disinfectant. This is especially important during the cold and flu season upon us, as well as the holiday get-togethers that bring in unwelcome germs. Maid With Integrity uses cleaning products that leave no chemical buildup. “Green” products or the customer’s own products can be used upon request. Cleaning packages – even times of service – can all be customized to a customer’s needs.

Mops and all cleaning tools are sanitized after each job. Dust rags are disinfected and laundered without fabric softener that can cause irritation to some people.

Maid With Integrity cleans offices and commercial facilities with the same attention to detail. “We clean them the way they should be done,” says Carol. After 21 years in the corporate world, she has a clear understanding of how a clean work area that is free of germs actually saves a business money by helping to cut down on costly and unproductive sick days. “And besides that," she adds, “employees feel like someone cares about them when they walk into a spotless work environment.”

Standard cleaning for commercial jobs includes a disinfectant in the kitchen and restrooms. All the desks and workspaces are dusted. Floors are vacuumed or damp mopped. Additional detailing or subcontracting of major add-ons can be arranged.

Take the worry and the work out of holiday cleaning. Call Carol at Maid With Integrity, where clean is guaranteed. Her office number is (918) 728-6300; cell number is (918) 230-5396.

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