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Something Bugging You?

Bug Force sells products that are tested and proven to keep bed bugs (and others) from biting.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Lawn & Garden | Issue: May 2013

Bug Force owner Darryl Grimm is a representative for Greenway Formula 7 all-natural products.

Bug Force owner Darryl Grimm is a representative for Greenway Formula 7 all-natural products.

Bug Force owner Darryl Grimm sells Greenway Formula 7 ­products at a Tulsa business ­location and online. The Greenway Formula 7 product line was developed by a native Oklahoman and is a formulated all-natural spray that is safe for the environment, with no ­harmful chemicals added. “Formula 7 was originally ­developed and tested to be 100 percent effective in killing bed bug eggs, larvae and small bed bugs within 24 hours and teen and adult bed bugs within 48 hours,” said Grimm. “The ­product was tested by the OSU Entomology Department.” Personal experiences have shown Formula 7 to be effective on ­other insects as well. Five basic products are available for both commercial and consumer use. They are sold at Tail Waggers Pet Supplies in the Fontana Shopping Center at 51st and Memorial in Tulsa. You will find additional information and may also make purchases online at

    “New customers often ask if Formula 7 is FDA and EPA approved,” said Grimm. “Each product was lab tested and proven to be all-natural. They contain no chemicals or ­pesticides and are exempt from FDA and EPA registration. The agencies said there was no need for testing because they contain nothing harmful to the ­environment and are EPA Title 25b Exempt Registered by Oklahoma Department of Agriculture.”

    The original product was Greenway Formula 7 Bed Bug Solution. It’s an all-natural bed bug spray that has been proven to be 100 percent effective in killing bed bugs. Multiple ­container sizes, including a 3.3-ounce size that is easy to ­carry along whenever you travel, are available.

    Formula 7 Tick and Flea Spray ensures peace of mind when you spray a pet because it has no harmful chemicals and it kills fleas and ticks. “The ­application process is very easy and doesn’t require much ­product,” says Grimm. “It is very cost effective – only about $2 a month to treat your dog or cat – compared to products containing harmful chemicals. Once applied, the product lasts about 14 days unless your pet is bathed or groomed.”

    The Household Formula

7 Spray is an ideal solution for homeowners, property owners and management personnel for common pest control. It has a 30-day residual effect that kills and repels insects. It has been field tested by customers and has been effective in killing spiders, ants, crickets, wasps and ­scorpions. These are not claims by Daryl Grimm, Bug Force, or the manufacturer. It is ­information noted and received from customers as they have used Greenway Formula 7 ­products. Greenway Formula 7 Rancher has proven effective in keeping flies and other insects off horses, cows and goats. It, too, is cost effective when compared to competitive products.

    Last in the lineup is a ­personal product, Formula 7 Bug Repellent. “I think it’s good advice to avoid the possible side effects of repellents containing diethyltoluamide (DEET),” said Grimm. “They are chemical ­pesticides.” He recommends that you “go green” with the Formula 7 all-natural Bug Repellent. This product is great for campers, ­hikers, bikers, gardeners, hunters and fishermen. “You can also use it on children because it ­contains no harmful pesticides and is chemical free.” It keeps biting flies, gnats, mosquitoes, ticks, and many other insects away when you’re outdoors.

    Greenway Formula 7 ­products are environmentally friendly, safe, biodegradable and suitable for carpets, bedding, drapes, rugs, mattresses and household fabrics. All you have to remember to do is shake the product well before using. Call Bug Force or visit Tail Waggers or the website for more ­information and to purchase any of these products. 

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