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Solutions to Stop Texting and Driving

Liz and Randy Pruitt offer advice on how to prevent texting while driving, especially among teenagers.

By: Shelly Robinson | Category: Automotive | Issue: May 2013

Randy and Liz Pruitt of Pruitt’s Auto Collision.

Randy and Liz Pruitt of Pruitt’s Auto Collision.

We’ve all experienced it, driving down the highway or pulling up to a four-way stop and plainly seeing other drivers staring at their cell phones instead of ­paying attention to the road. In reality, most of us have been guilty of doing the same thing, and studies show we are paying the price with damaged lives and property.

    While distracted driving happens across all age groups, young drivers are especially at risk. With the end of school upon us and the long days of summer just ahead, many teens will be spending more time on the road. While freedom seems sweet to a new license holder, mom and dad are justified in their concerns for safety. The ­statistics are sobering; the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says the risk of motor vehicle crashes is higher among 16- to 19-year-olds than among any other age group. The ­explosion in cell phone usage is an obvious factor, but having two or more peer passengers more than triples the risk of a fatal crash with a teen at the wheel.

    Randy and Liz Pruitt of Pruitt’s Auto Collision are in a unique position to see the direct results of distracted driving. “Obviously, repairing damaged vehicles is our business,” says Randy. “However, we would much rather be working on a car damaged in a weather event or a true ‘accident’ rather than something that could be prevented.”

    Liz shared that while she has seen many warnings not to text and drive, she hasn’t seen much advice on how to go about it. “Throwing the problem out there is one thing, but offering solutions is so important, and I wanted to share some good advice I discovered.”

    By simply typing in an Internet search for “apps to stop teen texting and driving,” a ­parent can access multiple sites offering applications and ­computer services that can be installed on your teen’s smart phone to prevent dangerous ­texting and driving. Liz suggests using an application that allows for 911 calls and the ability to call preapproved numbers (such as the parent’s number) that are programmed into the phone when the application is installed.

    “I was really surprised at all the options available. You can do anything from block the use of phones while the car is in motion, to sending driving reports to the parent, to setting up a time limit that delays ­messages during school hours,” said Liz. “There are a lot of applications that would be great for adults to use as well. I’m checking into one that gives an automatic response that I’m ­driving and will respond later.”

    Of course, if you do have a need for collision repair, it’s important to have your vehicle repaired by an experienced and professional shop. Pruitt’s can put your mind at ease with one phone call and makes it very ­convenient for you. From having your vehicle towed in, working with you and your insurance company, and having a Hertz Rent-A-Car location onsite, Pruitt’s was designed with the customer in mind.

    Randy is ASE and I-CAR trained, and is certified on the Chief frame machine and PPG paint systems. The Pruitt’s painter, John Nash, adds over 40 years of experience, and Jason Linzy has over 15 years ­experience. Michael Minton is a graduate of Owasso and Tulsa Technology Center and started in the shop before he was even out of high school.

    Free estimates and front door service welcome you at Pruitt’s. Pull up under the canopy to visit with Randy about your repair needs or visit their website at

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