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“What's new in the cosmetic industry?”

By: Mallory Spoor-Baker | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: May 2009

Dr. Mallory Spoor-Baker helps patients achieve beautiful skin at Advanced Cosmetic Medicine with laser procedures, topical products and whole food supplements.

As a specialist in cosmetic medicine, people often ask me, “What's new in the cosmetic industry?” Innovative procedures are constantly being developed, and the latest topical products are popular inquiries at my clinic in Tulsa.

Most products claim to be “the best” – the single thing you need to look younger and more beautiful. But, skincare treatments work differently for different people. I suggest a combination of laser procedures, topical products and whole food supplements.  

On a daily basis, I choose procedures and products that improve the appearance of my patients. I recommend laser procedures for photorejuvenation like Pearl, IPL, Laser Genesis and Titan. Glycolic acid cleansers, vitamin C serums, Retin A, sunscreen and bleaching agents are topical skin care products I recommend. These treatments produce positive results if used in a consistent, methodical manner.  

To ensure that I offer my patients the best new procedures and products, I ask myself: Does this sound too good to be true? Are the claims substantiated with legitimate research? How much research and development went into the product?To determine the proper treatment for a patient, I ask him or her questions such as: What procedures are you doing now? What have you done in the past? What's working for you?

People frequently ask how I keep my own skin healthy and radiant. I mostly rely on a daily topical regimen, complemented by laser procedures. One thing I’ve used every day for the past 10 years is a whole food, fruit and vegetable supplement. I think that whole food supplementation has played a key role in my skin’s luminance and lack of need for cosmetic procedures.

As I get older, though, I focus on what's good for my health as well as what’s good for my skin. Because heart disease is the number one cause of death in women, better nutrition with whole food supplementation is critical. Supplements of fruits and vegetables have been shown to decrease oxydative damage, responsible for the cell death that results in aging and disease.

For those seeking guidance on what new cosmetic medical treatment to undergo, I advise doing what makes sense and what you can afford. Don’t forget that your overall health impacts how you look. Consider adding, keeping or increasing nutritional intake into your skin care regimen – your skin simply can’t go wrong with fruits and vegetables.  

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