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Six Do's and Don't When Traveling on a Cruise

RCB Bank Experiences Club Directors Lori Nuzum and Anita Judd-Jenkins offer six do’s and don’ts of traveling on a cruise. Travelers do not have to be customers of RCB Bank to enjoy these upcoming travel opportunities.

By: Jocelyn Wood | Category: Financial Services | Issue: October 2012

Lori Nuzum (right) and Celeste Tillery at the Herchell Carousel Museum in Buffalo, New York on the Niagara Falls tour, 2012.

Lori Nuzum (right) and Celeste Tillery at the Herchell Carousel Museum in Buffalo, New York on the Niagara Falls tour, 2012.

Fall is in the air; winter is not far behind. It’s time to start ­planning your winter getaway.    Get away from the cold weather this January on a 10-day Hawaiian cruise with RCB Bank’s Experiences travel club. Spots are still available for travelers to jump on board. Travel dates are January 10-19, 2013.

    “A $600 deposit reserves your space and customers can get a full refund before October 3, should they change their mind,” says Lori Nuzum, RCB Bank Experiences Club Director and trip coordinator.

    Leave your coat in the closet and pull out your favorite summer dress. Travelers will experience the islands’ diverse beauty and lively history, including Pearl Harbor, Kona’s famous coffee plantation and lush gardens, waterfalls and exotic wildlife.  

    Lori Nuzum and RCB Experiences Club Director Anita Judd-Jenkins have coordinated and traveled on more than 500 trips. They offer six do’s and don’ts of traveling on a cruise.  

    Do pack light. “You’ll never wear all the clothes you take,” says Lori Nuzum. Nowadays, cruises are going toward a more casual dining experience, like the Hawaiian Cruise. “It’s called free-style cruising and creates a more relaxed, comfortable environment,” says Nuzum. Anita Judd-Jenkins suggests picking two basic colors – black, tan or navy – and building your wardrobe around them.  

    Don’t bother packing a hairdryer or iron. “Hairdryers can be found practically in every hotel and on every cruise line,” says Nuzum. “Airlines are very strict on luggage weight. Pack iron-free clothes, so not to waste precious weight and avoid increased luggage fees for the trip out or back.”

    Do be adventurous. “Pick activities that stretch your ­comfort level, regardless of age,” says Judd-Jenkins. “It’s these activities that build confidence, stretch boundaries and make the best memories to tell and tell again back home.”

    Don’t bring your stress. Hawaiian’s don’t do anything in a hurry. “Their motto is hang loose,” says Nuzum. “Everything is slow and easy, no worries. When traveling, take the ­opportunity to walk slower, breathe deeper, relax and leave your worries at home.”

    Do bring elastic waist ­“buffet” pants. Cruises are known for their endless buffets. “There are breakfast buffets, lunch buffets, after lunch buffets, dinner buffets and even midnight buffets,” says Nuzum. “Give ­yourself a break and plan to loosen the belt loops.”

    Don’t forget snacks and ­layered clothing for the plane. Depending on where you depart, flight times to Hawaii vary and airlines are serving fewer ­complimentary snacks or meals. “After you pass security, you can pick up food and drink from a wide variety of airport restaurants and take them on the plane,” says Nuzum. “Once you get on the plane your choices are limited and you will probably pay a pretty penny for a basic ­sandwich.” Judd-Jenkins ­recommends layering clothes on travel day, to be prepared for ­various temperatures on the plane. “You can be cold one minute, hot the next,” she says.

    To learn more about the upcoming Hawaiian cruise, get in touch with Lori Nuzum at (580) 763-5537, eat0@eau0eav0eaw0.

    Pack a suitcase and get on board with RCB Bank’s Experiences travel club. From a Russian cruise to the United States’ Smoky Mountains and Biltmore Estate, experience new places here and abroad without having to stress over the details of flight arrangements, hotel bookings and travel itineraries. Learn more about Experiences travel opportunities at or speak with Experiences Trip Coordinators Anita Judd-Jenkins and Lori Nuzum at 855-BANK-RCB.

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