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BATH 911 converts bathrooms, kitchens and more from old to new in just one day.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: February 2008

Joey Wiedel’s BATH 911 company provides simple remodeling concepts with results guaranteed to please.

BATH 911 offers simple, but effective, solutions when remodeling bathrooms and kitchens. Joey Wiedel has owned and operated the business for four years and is constantly pleasing customers with his ability to quickly and efficiently transform ugly areas into areas of beauty without “breaking the bank.”

According to Wiedel, “Acrylic Bath Systems is one of our foundation products which literally transforms tubs, bath walls, and shower bases with an affordable and durable alternative.” Transforming a bathroom from old to new, from start to finish, takes about two weeks. The actual installation process is usually completed in only one day. A highly trained technician takes photos and measurements of your bathtub, shower or wall area to be transformed. A custom tub and wall system is then fabricated and ultimately installed over the existing bathtub and walls without disturbing plumbing, floors, or walls. It’s quick and simple and the result is a low-cost innovation without the mess.

The durable acrylic surfaces will not chip, crack, or peel and are completely colorfast. They will not stain, yellow, or fade. The acrylic surface is also warm to the touch, unlike older metal tubs, and it has a beautiful high-gloss finish with no grout lines to clean.

The company also offers a complete lineup of complimenting accessories including grab bars, soap dishes, a corner caddy and a four-shelf caddy. There is a complete line of colors and styles from which to choose for tubs, shower bases and walls. This is really a simple, cost effective solution to giving a bathroom a personal touch.

Model of a BATH 911 acrylic tub insert illustrates the simplicity of converting an “ugly bathtub” from old to new in just one day.

BATH 911 also offers design solutions for revitalizing kitchen and bath areas with a selection of tile backsplash and counter top materials that include simulated granite, marble or solid wall patterns in a multitude of colors.

In addition to revitalizing kitchen and bath areas, BATH 911 has recently added another product innovation to their lineup. Consider parking your “baby” (car) on an Amazing Garage Floor. That’s the name of the product, Amazing Garage Floors. It is a two part coating system that provides the ultimate in garage floor coverings. And it comes with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty. The product is applied in just one day and you can park your “baby” on it that night. You get a durable, attractive coating that is impervious to gas and oil products, lasts a long time, and comes with service after the sale.

Amazing Garage Floors has been used in hospitals, car dealerships, basements, patios, and of course, garages. It instantly improves the appearance of any concrete surface. You can even have your favorite product brand, school, or sports team logo installed prior to the final clear-coat finish.

Bathroom, kitchen, garage or outdoors remodeling. BATH 911 offers an array of simple solutions with outstanding results. Give them a call today for more information and a price quote.

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Typical Bath 911 shower conversion near the end of the installation process.

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