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Shop Tax-Free & “Same As” Tax-Free August 3-5 at Ne-Mar

Do not miss out on the savings at Ne-Mar Shopping Center August 3-5.

By: Christy Means-Smith | Category: Other | Issue: August 2007

Tabitha Felts, owner of Felts Shoes, and Cindy Rickard, owner of Emily’s Playhouse, are two of many Ne-Mar Center merchants who will be participating in the tax-free and “same as” tax-free weekend.

State taxes primarily supply funds to local and regional government structures. Although they are necessary, taxes can be an extra burden on stressed budgets. Back-to-school shopping, in particular, is a time in which parents monetarily feel the impact of purchasing new wardrobes for their children in addition to many other items. The Ne-Mar Merchants Association in Claremore has declared August 3 through 5 as tax-free shopping days in its shopping center.

Senate Bill 861, signed by Gov. Brad Henry in March, allows Oklahoma shoppers a much-needed sales tax holiday on clothing and shoes. Details of the bill include a tax cut, bringing the state’s rate down to 5.25 percent from 5.65 percent, a three-day sales tax elimination event, as well as the elimination of Oklahoma’s franchise tax on most small businesses. Senator Don Barrington from Lawton says, “The sales tax holiday will provide assistance for back-to-school shoppers in Oklahoma and will benefit areas bordering Oklahoma. Oklahoma businesses lose many customers to states like Texas that offer sales tax holidays to back-to-school shoppers. Senate Bill 861 helps level the playing field by giving Oklahoma families a break, too.”

According to Gary Miles of the J.C. Penney Company, the tax-free weekend in Texas is J.C. Penney’s most successful promotion. Ne-Mar merchants agree that Senate Bill 861 will provide additional business for their businesses in the shopping center. Only clothing and footwear will receive the back-to-school tax break, exemptions being athletic clothing or footwear and accessories such as jewelry, purses, luggage, wallets and similar items.

In the spirit of years past, shoppers can also save on many other items with Ne-Mar’s “same as” tax-free event. The “same as” tax-free event will also take place August 3 through 5.

Participating tax-free and “same as” tax-free Ne-Mar merchants include J.C. Penney, Stage, B & K Clothing, Emily’s Playhouse, Felts Shoes, Men’s Shop, J & J Pharmacy and Gifts, A Place of Grace, Claremore Cycles, Floral Creations & Home Decor, Game Exchange, Simply Scrapbooks and Madalan’s Hallmark.

Tax revenue provides over half of the total treasury funds. It is the main monetary source for education and other government-supported services in Oklahoma. Still, the tax-free weekend will offer a financial break to consumers, most notably to families of children returning to school and owners of small businesses.

Ne-Mar Shopping Center is located at 1000 W. Will Rogers Blvd. in Claremore. A short drive from downtown Tulsa, Claremore can be accessed with ease. Do not miss out on the savings at Ne-Mar Shopping Center. Tax-free weekend, held August 3 through 5, will offer shopping opportunities for all.

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