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Just Between Friends offers families a way to save money on clothing for their children, as well as earn extra cash.

By: Paul Tackett | Category: Other | Issue: February 2012

JBF sales offer thousands of items including clothing, shoes, equipment, toys, books and more.

JBF sales offer thousands of items including clothing, shoes, equipment, toys, books and more.

Just Between Friends continues to help families find stability with their family’s budget during a year chock-full of uncertainty.

The start of 2012 has many people wondering and questioning how the year is going to play out. It’s an election year; the economy, gas prices, availability of jobs – the list goes on about the concerns and issues people will face. For many families, their plate has grown into a ­platter, and finding room is ­starting to take a toll.     

As parents know, buying clothes for their children and the necessary equipment can be ­difficult. The economy may be better for some but it continues to have many families extending their take-home budget to the limit. The reality is that children, regardless of their age, need new clothes and shoes every change of season or every other month it seems.

Just Between Friends, the nation's leading children's and maternity consignment sales event, helps families find some stability and security by allowing them to be able to purchase an entire season’s wardrobe on a reasonable budget. Once families have experienced JBF, they can't say enough good things about the sales event.

Amber Post, franchisee of Southwest Tulsa and Owasso, was a JBF shopper before she started organizing her own JBF events. "We were young college students, broke and on a tight budget," Post explained. "My daughter was six months old the first time I shopped JBF, and that's when her wardrobe started to take off."

Before, Post had to rely on her mom and grandma to buy the really cute things. "I could only afford to buy her the basics and shop the clearance racks, but once I discovered JBF, it was like a dream come true," she said.  

After shopping once, she decided to consign, and after receiving a check for $75 from items she consigned in the sale, she was hooked. "I was only expecting to receive a check for about $20," Post said. "There were a few sales I made more than $500 and really thought I hit the jackpot."

From then on, it made so much sense for her family to always participate in JBF and not pay retail prices.

"My goal with selling and shopping JBF was to spend and earn about the same amount, typically $200 to $300. It was so easy to do, and that budget provided so much in terms of clothes, shoes, toys, books and more for the upcoming season," she said.

Of all the many benefits a Just Between Friends sales event offers to both consignors and shoppers, Daven Tackett is most pleased that the sale is a dignified way for a parent to buy children's clothes at great savings. Moms and dads can feel good about letting their children wear and play with those items purchased at a JBF sales event.

"My mother was divorced and disabled, trying to raise three girls on a fixed income. She did many creative things to make ends meet, including buying some of our clothes from resale and going to garage sales," said Tackett, who is the owner of Just Between Friends Tulsa and co-founder of the JBF franchise system. "As kids, we didn't know there was any other way to buy clothes. We were just always excited and happy about getting something new to wear."

Looking back, Tackett ­realizes that her mom was being resourceful as well as a smart shopper.

Kathy Gentry, Just Between Friends franchise owner of Broken Arrow/Bixby, doesn't always know where to begin when she starts talking about her JBF sales event. "JBF helps young struggling families eat ­better," she said, “because of the great savings.” Typically ­shoppers can experience 40 to 75 ­percent off clothes and ­equipment, compared to retail prices.  

"They can get quality items for their children at amazingly low prices and be able to buy the groceries that they need," Gentry said. "Costs on everything are spiraling upward and JBF helps a family save, and it’s the one place where cost of items isn't going up."

Families across the nation are realizing that shopping resale and consignment makes sense, and at the same time keeps their children looking like a million bucks without having to spend a lot of the family’s budget.

Just Between Friends has four area sales to choose from:
 • Southwest Tulsa, February
    10-12 at the Glenpool  
    Conference Center

 • JBF Tulsa, the franchise
    system’s largest sales event,
    March 4-10 at Expo Square

 • Owasso, March 15-18,
     next to Reasor's

 • JBF Broken Arrow/Bixby,
    March 30-April 1 at The Spirit Bank Center


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