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Renewal: it is a word that Kim Threlkeld of Kim’s Professional Skincare specializes in.

By: Lorrie Ward Jackson | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: August 2009

Kim Threlkeld of Kim’s Professional Skincare specializes in renewing her clients’ skin with revolutionary treatments.

Renewal: it is a word that Kim Threlkeld of Kim’s Professional Skincare specializes in, with revolutionary skin treatments that can turn back the clock on skin, renewing it to a soft smoothness it hasn’t known in years. But the word renewal goes beyond business for Kim Threlkeld. This paramedical esthetician has experienced a great renewal in her own life in the last few years, and it is one that has been remarkable by anyone’s standards.

Just a few years ago, Kim operated a thriving salon business in Broken Arrow. Then after what seemed to be a simple sinus infection, she became horribly ill when the infection went to her kidneys, resulting in kidney dialysis and ultimately a kidney transplant and some vision impairment. Against these seemingly insurmountable odds, however, Kim fought her way back to health, all the while keeping up with her education and the current trends in her business. She is now back in business with Kim’s Professional Skincare.

Since beginning her new business, she has had several experiences that she terms as miraculous. One of those experiences came about when she was able to purchase a Vibraderm machine, one of only four in the state of Oklahoma. Vibraderm is an exfoliation process that Kim calls “yoga for the skin.” It successfully exfoliates the skin and helps it to maintain collagen, reducing fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, acne and acne scarring. With Kim’s gentle and experienced touch, the procedure is relaxing and comfortable, and over a series of treatments, the client will literally see years of damage disappear, leaving the skin soft, smooth and polished.

“Vibraderm’s vibration massages and causes needed circulation,” Kim explains. “That’s what gives you that youthful glow.” Kim has seen remarkable results with Vibraderm, and was especially impressed when a client who was a smoker saw the fine lines around her mouth disappear through treatment.

Another client had Vibraderm treatments done on her feet, which were so rough she swore, “You will never get them soft.” Kim used Vibraderm, essential oils and essential oil sugars, and the client couldn’t believe the difference. Kim explains that Vibraderm not only removes the outer dead skin, but it allows products like the essential oils to truly absorb into the skin, where they can do their work.

In addition to Vibraderm, Kim offers many other treatment options for your skin, including mini facials, glycolic acid treatments, spa facials, flash peels, complexion peels, facial massage, GX-99 Endermatherapie, reflexology, Ioncleanse Detox, and body sugaring. Body sugaring uses an ancient Egyptian method for hair removal. As opposed to waxing, which just takes the hair off, sugaring cleanses the follicle out. Each time the hair finally grows back out, it is softer, until it often stops growing all together.

“My promise as a professional skin care therapist is to deliver maximum results to your skin,” says Kim. “Through treatments and professionally prescribed, noncomedogenic products, you will see an improvement in your skin’s texture, appearance and color. Your home care regimen will be personalized to provide the desired results and fit your lifestyle.”

To meet this remarkable lady and let her work her magic on your skin, call Kim’s Professional Skincare at (918) 459-0316.

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