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By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Financial Services | Issue: September 2017

Pioneer Financial Group’s goal is to educate people about their insurance options, and this year they are proud to celebrate ten wonderful years of service to our community.

Pioneer Financial Group’s goal is to educate people about their insurance options, and this year they are proud to celebrate ten wonderful years of service to our community.

Pioneer Financial Group is independently owned by Jason and Ginger Ford, both of whom are Licensed Insurance Brokers.  This year commemorates the company’s tenth year of providing trusted advice and products in the fields of Medicare Supplement Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Estate Planning, Financial Planning and End-of-Life Planning.  They also specialize in Home and Auto Insurance.
“We do individual and group consulting on Medicare Part A & B, Part C, Supplemental Insurance Plans and Part D Rx Plans,” said Jason.  The majority of Americans, regardless of age, do not understand what each plan covers, does not cover, provides and does not provide.  Nor do we, as Americans, fully understand what the Open Enrollment Period from October 15 to December 7 allows within specific plans.  If you’re not familiar with each plan, you need to be, whether to assist a loved one or for yourself when you reach age 65 and qualify for Medicare.
I admit that I could not define each element of Medicare.  I knew a little, but not nearly enough.  After spending 30 minutes with Jason and Ginger, I now understand my Medicare related options.  You, too, can gain a firm grip on the provisions of each element, what you’ll receive, what you may be giving up and what each will cost you.  And this education will cost you nothing but the time it takes to meet with a Pioneer agent.
Jason and Ginger sincerely want to educate you about your insurance options when you reach age 65.  “Once you have a full understanding of how each plan works and what they cost, we hope you’ll give us an opportunity to not only earn your business, but your trust,” said Ginger.  Through a scheduled consultation you’ll have nothing to lose, you’ll be equipped to make sound decisions regarding your insurance plan and you’ll never be pressured to enroll through Pioneer.  They simply want you to understand what’s available to you and how the Medicare system works.
“Trust us to educate you,” said Jason.  “You’ll feel so much more confident when the Medicare fog is removed and you have a clear vision of what’s best for you or a loved one.”  Make a reminder note that the Open Enrollment Period is from October 15 through December 7.  If you don’t have a firm understanding of what you can do with your Medicare and related insurance options during this period, please make an appointment with Pioneer Financial Group for a consultation with Jason and Ginger.  As Jason says, “We want to be your senior resource center and help you fix any Medicare related problems you have.”

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