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From basic to bling, Dr. Overstreet’s Advanced Vision Center and Eyewear ­Boutique will have the perfect pair of glasses for you – and she might even save your life.

By: Christopher Davis | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: October 2013

Dr. Abby Overstreet, owner, Advanced Vision Center and ­Eyewear Boutique.

Dr. Abby Overstreet, owner, Advanced Vision Center and ­Eyewear Boutique.

As soon as you walk into Advanced Vision Center and Eyewear Boutique in Claremore, you will notice this is not your average ­optometry office. First off, it is definitely what comes to mind when one mentions the phrase “eyewear boutique.” There are frames everywhere, and they are all stylish. Second, there is a zebra in the middle of the lobby. A zebra. But, before you can even ask the story behind the zebra, you are greeted by smiling faces asking how they can help you today. Once you walk into Dr. Abby Overstreet’s practice, you will likely never consider going elsewhere for your vision care.

    “I spend 90 percent of my time at this store,” explains Dr. Overstreet. “I wanted to create the type of place where I would be happy to spend my days working.” Patients ­frequently comment on the style of the store. “I try to ­decorate with others in mind, too. Our exam rooms have different themes, so there’s something to catch everyone’s attention and make them a ­little more comfortable.” Dr. Overstreet not only chose the décor herself, she also painted the tables, with the help of her mom.

    With every step of the vision exam process, Dr. Overstreet and her staff prove that the practice is a top-notch facility. With an experienced staff dedicated to ensuring a happy and healthy experience, Advanced Vision Center will amaze you time and again. Dr. Overstreet’s exam rooms are equipped with the latest in optometry technology, and she is effective in using it. While in many cases, ­technology means a less ­personal visit, Dr. Overstreet prides herself in taking the time to educate her patients about their eyes. Flat screens mounted on the wall serve as eye charts one moment and presentations the next. With the wave of a remote, Dr. Overstreet can pull up images of the patient’s eyes and explain in detail what is ­affecting their vision. Her careful attention to details and ability to utilize this ­technology means that patients get the best possible care. And, in some cases, it means a life is saved.

    Dr. Overstreet recalls one patient who recently came in complaining of a sudden loss of vision. During the exam, she noticed the cause: plaque in an artery in the back of the eye was restricting his vision. “I knew that the plaque was thrown from the carotid artery, so he was at serious risk for a stroke.” She ­immediately called the patient’s primary care ­physician, who urged her to send him to the hospital by ambulance. Later, she learned that her patient had suffered a minor stroke, and was, indeed, about to suffer ­another, likely more severe, stroke. They operated ­immediately and the patient was saved from a second episode. Dr. Overstreet adds, “I’ve had two patients like that. They only caught it because they came in for an eye exam.”

    Specializing in pediatric optometry in college, it is no surprise her office has a kids corner, complete with DVD player and toys. The lobby (perhaps gallery is more appropriate) features a huge selection of frames, from ­traditional to the latest styles by Coach and Oakley. Along the back wall is a small ­optometry museum that chronicles the evolution of optometry equipment and glasses. Indeed, patients will walk in amazed and leave ­educated; staff can answer every question you may have and make informed ­suggestions for the perfect pair of glasses.

    One question you may still imagine is, “What about the zebra?” For that answer, you have to ask Dr. Overstreet yourself. 

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