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By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: August 2012

ABO Certified Optician George Dakil customizes 
eyeglasses to fit your style and activities. You’ll be glad you see him before you buy your next pair.

ABO Certified Optician George Dakil customizes eyeglasses to fit your style and activities. You’ll be glad you see him before you buy your next pair.

I’ve been wearing eyeglasses since I was in college. I have never been so impressed with an optician, his products and their features as I was when visiting with ABO Certified Optician George Dakil, owner of Precision Optical in Broken Arrow. George has been at Precision Optical for 21 years. He spent his first three years working there and has been the owner for the past 18 years.  

I recently purchased two new pairs of glasses from another store. Do I have buyer’s remorse? Yes, I do. George not only knows his stuff, but he takes the time to explain every feature and benefit to his customers and demonstrates exactly what each does. Your eyeglasses can not only fit and look great, but they can now be customized to the way you drive and live.

I left Precision Optical with two words burned into my mind: progressive and polarized lenses. George clarified two terms that are often used interchangeably by mistake: no-line progressive lenses and Transition™ lenses. A no-line progressive lens is one that has no lines in the lens for when you are viewing objects that range from distant to ­intermediate to near. You can still get bifocal or trifocal lenses that have distinct lined segments needed for you to clearly see objects at varying distances, but in this day and age, progressive lenses are much more flexible and aesthetically appealing, free from the cluttered effects of lined segments. Transitions lenses are those that change from clear to dark as you go from indoors to the bright sunlight outdoors.

This is hard to explain, but very easy for George to ­demonstrate to you. No-line progressive lenses offer a continual gradient progression of bifocal or trifocal power. It’s no longer a jump from distant to intermediate to near, but rather a smooth transition that offers a gradient progression that hits all the focal points between the three major focal points – distant, intermediate, and near. You now have the ability to see clearly at virtually any distance.

Many people are currently wearing Transitions lenses and are unaware that there is a new development in Transitions options. A new version of Transitions lenses called Vantage arrived in May that not only go from clear to dark like standard Transitions, but also have a function of variable polarization. This means that this type of lens will not only darken in sunlight, but it will polarize as it turns darker. Vantage lenses are not intended to replace full polarized ­sunglasses, but for folks who just won’t wear sunglasses, this type of lens may be their best option. The only drawback is that the Vantage lenses will not darken behind the wheel of a car.  

When you visit Precision Optical, George will visually show you the only polarized ­photochromic lens that darkens outside as well as behind the windshield of a car. This type of lens is called Drivewear. The lens reacts to different weather and light conditions from overcast to bright light by utilizing visible as well as UV light, while at the same time providing a high ­efficiency polarizer that blocks blinding glare. You simply won’t believe the difference they can make.

George highly recommends the Prestige II lens by Seiko. “The Prestige II is a back surface ­progressive addition lens. These custom-made lenses use a revolutionary patented technology that three-dimensionally fuses your entire prescription onto the back surface of the lens, resulting in a visual experience that is simply unmatched by conventional ­progressive lenses that split your prescription between the front and back surfaces,” says George. When your prescription is on the back of the lens, closer to your eye, the visual zones are much wider. “It’s like looking through the keyhole of an old door lock. The closer your eye gets to the key hole, the more you can see in the next room,” said George.

George demonstrated ­features and benefits that will ­definitely be in my next set of eyeglasses. Precision Optical is not just another optical shop where everyone gets basically the same package. When you visit Precision Optical, talk with George, and let him demonstrate and make a recommendation for your optical satisfaction, you will clearly see the difference.

Do yourself and your eyes a favor and stop by Precision Optical to learn about new ­leading-edge product technology and how it can make your vision the best it’s been since you ­started wearing eyeglasses.  

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