Sculpting a Reputation

Marble Elegance has built a solid foundation for top-notch service in northeastern Oklahoma over the past 23 years.

By: Lorrie Ward | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: September 2012

The Marble Elegance team (L to R): (back row) Brandon Webster, Chris Breshears, Michael Self, Danny Church and Mike Self, (front row) Nickie Roberts, Mitch Miranda, Jon Miranda, Jason Peper, JR Wilson, and Myrna McKinney.

The Marble Elegance team (L to R): (back row) Brandon Webster, Chris Breshears, Michael Self, Danny Church and Mike Self, (front row) Nickie Roberts, Mitch Miranda, Jon Miranda, Jason Peper, JR Wilson, and Myrna McKinney.

Solid as a rock – there’s a reason this old saying has become such a mainstay in our society. A ­reference to rock or stone implies permanence and solidity. If something is carved in stone, it’s here to stay. And of all types of stone, marble is arguably the most elegant. Whether it is pure white such as the type used for ancient sculptures like Michelangelo’s David or vibrant and colorful like the kind often seen today, marble can be used to create modern-day works of art used for practical purposes in today’s homes and businesses – sinks, countertops, vanities, showers, tubs, and much more.

    Every day, Mike Self and the staff at Marble Elegance devote themselves to not only creating these practical works of art around northeastern Oklahoma, but to sculpting a great reputation for their business. “We’ve been in this area for 23 years,” says Mike Self. “We are like family.”

    Myrna McKinney has been with the Marble Elegance family since it was founded, and Mike counts her as a mainstay of the company. “In the beginning, Myrna took orders, paid bills, scheduled calls,” says Mike. “She did it all!” Growth over the years necessitated the addition of several crew and staff members, and Mike is now happy to list Nickie Roberts as an integral part of the Marble Elegance team. “Nickie handles day-to-day schedules, manages all routes and orders, and keeps the website up to date,” Mike relates. “She’s the go-to girl and the first person people talk to when they call the office.”  

    To Mike, having a rock-solid foundation of people like Myrna and Nickie is especially important because the company is growing rapidly and experiencing the changes that result from that growth. “We’ve established great relationships with many quality builders in the Claremore surrounding area. To name a few: Ron Griggs, Oklahoma Royal Homes, Redwood Construction, Quality Homes, C E Moody, Money Homes, Strategic Homes, Russell Judd, Denham Homes, Anglen Custom Homes, Epic Homes, Butler Homes, Green River Homes, Rod Henry, Ford Homes, Roland Homes, Scott Nymen, Brett Fleak, Tony Long, Leon Callison, and Ryan Kelly, and we’ve expanded even beyond that.” Marble Elegance received acclaim in recent years by ­building the new showers at ORU, and doing work at Vance Air Force Base in Enid and McAlester Ammunition facilities.

    “Over the past three years, we’ve reinvented ourselves,” explains Mike. “We are blessed to have formed relationships with two other companies, including CherryBerry Corporate, where we install bar tops and yogurt inserts for CherryBerry stores all over the U.S.” They have also displayed their versatility in the last year by building trophy bases for a large corporation in Oklahoma City, a company known as the largest manufacturer of trophies in the United States, providing trophies for NCAA and Heisman.  

    Marble Elegance specializes not only in cultured marble ­creations, but offers products from Burlstone (trophies), Arizona Stone, and TruStone. Nickie reports that TruStone is especially popular right now because it is an engineered stone with a granite image photo-fused into the stone. “Granite is all the rage right now, but it is costly and often requires a lot of upkeep,” says Nickie. “TruStone is non-porous, so it offers the granite look without the granite cost and maintenance.”

    Mike Self counts himself as being blessed to have had such positive experiences through bad economic times, and he gives credit to the Lord for providing him with a great staff and ­continued success. He ends with, “It is our faith that has sustained us through the bad and good economic times.” For more information on Marble Elegance, call (918) 341-1144 or visit the website at at

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