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Say I Do to Doggie Do

Don’t be fooled by the name – Doggie Do Shampoo in Claremore isn’t just for dogs.

By: Sheryl Sowell | Category: Pets | Issue: February 2009

Marsha Blanke (center), owner of Doggie Do Shampoo in Claremore, along with husband Gene, assistant Leah Thaxton and Sophie, welcomes you and your pet to a friendly, comfortable grooming environment.

Don’t be fooled by the name – Doggie Do Shampoo in Claremore isn’t just for dogs; it’s a full service pet grooming facility for dogs and cats. If you’re looking for a groomer who will treat your pet with love, patience and understanding, owner Marsha Blanke is the person to call. “My first priority is the animal,” she says. “Doggie Do is here to provide a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere for your pet, so that they will actually love getting groomed instead of dreading it.”

Marsha’s assistant Leah Thaxton can attest to the positive, soothing environment at Doggie Do. “I met Marsha when I brought my new Chihuahua, Bruiser, in to be groomed. Bruiser was not comfortable with me yet – he was really scared and nervous,” says Leah. “Marsha gave him a bath and let him run around, and afterward he immediately felt at ease with me, because he was clean and happy. It was amazing! I began working here because I knew this was a special place. Customers can be certain that their pets will be treated with love and top-notch care.”

Marsha got started in dog grooming at 14 years old when she began grooming her own dogs. With 30 years of experience in the field, she opened Doggie Do Shampoo a little over a year ago. “The idea was to create a family grooming salon. We want your pet to be completely relaxed, not scared and anxious, or bored for that matter,” says Marsha.

The services offered at Doggie Do cover a broad spectrum and include bathing, clipping toenails, cleaning ears, brushing, trimming and more. Appointments are limited to ensure that every pet receives the full attention they deserve. Grooming time depends on the thickness of the coat, mats and temperament of your pet, but it usually takes two to three hours. “I don’t rush because that could hurt the animal,” says Marsha. “Their health and comfort is my top priority.”

One truly unique thing about Doggie Do Shampoo is that crate time is limited. The facility offers lots of space for the animals to run around and dry off after their bath. “This really helps them relax,” explains Marsha. For little dogs like Yorkies, Marsha will lay a towel on the couch for them to dry off on, making them feel right at home. The crates, used only when necessary and for minimal amounts of time, are very large and are cleaned daily, with blankets provided for ultimate comfort.

“Doggie Do is different from other places because I really give each pet tender loving care,” says Marsha. “I listen to their cues and make sure they are at ease. It’s a warm, friendly place where they’re not stuck in a pen all day. The dogs feel at home, and I think that’s a really rare thing.”

The reasonable prices at Doggie Do are another perk. For example, any dog can have their toenails clipped for $5. “I had a lady with a huge Great Dane come in, and I clipped his nails while she held him,” says Marsha. For dogs under 30 pounds, a basic bath costs $10. “This is great for people who are limited physically. For a great price, I’ll give the dog a light brushing and then as much shampoo and scrubbing as it takes to get the dog clean.”

Marsha has learned several tricks over the years in giving difficult animals their baths. “I know many different ways to get a dog clean. I even have waterless soap, which I use as a last resort. Cats especially get upset during a bath, so I have lots of tricks to get them calm, even if it’s just talking sweet to them.”

Doggie Do also offers products available for purchase, such as dog toothbrushes (with chicken flavored toothpaste!) and flea treatments comparable to Frontline. Marsha plans to add more items soon, including toys, treats and shampoos.

Doggie Do Shampoo is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is closed Sunday and Monday. Walk-ins are accepted if a time slot is open, but making an appointment is preferred. Appointments are available outside regular hours with a 24-hour notice.

Doggie Do is conveniently located at Patti Page Blvd. and Hwy. 20 in Claremore, and parking is plentiful. To ensure the health and safety of all pets and people involved, Marsha asks that customers bring along their pet’s vaccination records. To get your pet clean and happy, call (918) 894-0340 today.

For more information, contact

Doggie Do Shampoo

511 E. Patti Page Blvd.
Claremore, OK 74017 
(918) 894-0340

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